2016. Attention! Best Year of Your Life Ahead! Where are YOU heading?!

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2016 is almost here.

Sitting in a hut. Cool kind of hut.

It’s a bit past 4 am in the morning.

Listening to the sound of the ocean.


Waiting to see another gorgeous sunrise.

Mexico. Troncones. End of the year.

Never thought in any of my dreams or visions at the end of 2015, I’ll end up finishing my year here. It was not in any of my plans when I started 2015. Heck, it was not in my plans a month ago. Just like Brazil Rio was never in my plans for 2015, where I spent 2 and a half amazing months. Just like Dubai was never in my plans, where I spent about 5 eye-opening months. Just like Kuala Lumpur and Bali, Borneo islands were not in my plans, where I spent months of my 2015.

Non of that was in my plans! And yet I spent the whole year in those places. Somehow.

Traveling. Writing. Meeting amazing people. Seeing unforgettable places. Going through lots of shit. Making it. Learning my lessons. Living and enjoying every moment of this beautiful thing called life.

I never thought OR planned this year to be the year to learn so much and travel the most. I kept my mind open to options. Kept my options opened. I lived the moment, because life is ONLY this moment.

I don’t regret any of my choices.

They might not be the best ones. There were tons of options that were smarter and more efficient, effective, but then it wouldn’t be me choosing them, and I wouldn’t learn and experience what I did, and I wouldn’t be here, and it wouldn’t be me, that I quite enjoy being.

This one year has enough material for a memoir. It was so eventful. So many significant changes in my life and most importantly in myself. I couldn’t plan it. I wouldn’t be able to come up with such a plan using all my creativity and imagination. Looking back, I’m honestly surprised how I ended up here, enjoying one of the most beautiful places on Earth, doing what I love and knowing I built the exact foundation I needed to have the best New Year of my life. 2016.

Life is sure an interesting adventure, when we allow it to happen.

And I wasn’t even that adventurous! There could have been more. I know it. I did have lots of fears that held me back, and yet I still ended up having the most exciting year of my life. Losing hope, losing myself, losing all the money, losing direction and as I thought all my friends. Losing everything! And finding it all again.

Again. But this time better.

3 last days of 2015. Time to think about the year behind us. The year in front of us.

I don’t believe in strict goals and plans anymore. Every time I had a plan I ended up struggling and suffering. Every time I let it all go I ended up having the time of my life.

I do believe in the power of focus though. Concentration. Vision. Priorities. Choices. Values to live by.

I do believe we create our live experiences. Just not the way we think we do.

We have much less control than we want to think we have, and much more than we are afraid to believe.

Life is a paradox. Life is a contradiction. Life is a comedy.

What am I doing these last 3 days of the year? Writing on the beach obviously and taking it easy.

But also…

Choosing where to invest my energy, concentration, focus and attention. Re-thinking my values. Creating the vision and feeling for my new year. Choosing my priorities for the moments to come.

What will I create with my daily choices, focus, visions, thoughts, feelings and most importantly actions this year?

I don’t have a specific goal plan — I believe life will choose the best plan of actions for me, but I got to choose the direction.

My focus this year is on 5 areas:

  • Blogging/Writing/Cartooning
  • Fitness/Nutrition Career (Modeling, beating personal bests in fitness, perfecting nutrition for personal use and others, helping others being the best physically to have the best life experience)
  • Creating line of fitness wear and accessories (Cool and Awesome of course)
  • Creating line of healthy and delicious chocolate (also desserts, snacks), that improve our health, taste amazing and are totally addictive! And all natural! No shit added!
  • Relationships (Life partner, family, friends, community)

These are my themes, areas of energy focus, direction of my attention, that’s what I want to change, improve, get better at.

I don’t have a specific plan. It never worked for me. The best days of my life are the ones I live according to my rules, and following what works for me (Advice help to come up with ideas, not to live my life).

I do have a vision that will clear up in the process. I have steps I’m working on right now. I have my values and priorities defined very clear.

Plans? Deadlines?

I’ll leave all that to life. I surrender. It does pretty good job taking care of me and my progress even when I have no clue what to do with my life. Now I kinda know, what I want to do for the next half a year or so — details is not my fucking business. I have no control over the fine details of my vision manifestation. And I’m ok with that.

And even if the visions I have for the new year will not become my exact reality — I know too, it’s for the better.

I trust. I surrender.

And in the meantime, while life figures out the final details, I’ll work my ass off on the tasks at hand, serving the moment, doing what I love, laughing my way through all the challenges, learning my lessons, being kind, awake and present.

This year will not be my perfect vision AND it’s going to be much better than my fears want me to believe.

This year is going to be awesome!

  • What are your themes for the year ahead?
  • What do you want to improve? Get better at? Invest your energy, emotions and focus into?
  • What are your values? Priorities?
  • What do you want your life to look like? And most importantly feel like?

The quote that might help:

“Stop chasing what your mind wants and get what your soul needs.”

~ Stardance: Flow With Energy — Shine Like A Star. . .The Aloha Way. By Kevin England

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