3-hour sitting rule for NO-BRAINER WEIGHT LOSS. Think FRESH! Do DIFFERENT!

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I went to my favorite local health food store here in Siberia.

Mostly herbs, bunch of teas, whole grains “kasha” — hot cereals. Not sure what it has to do with health, with that much sugar in it. Go figure.

I go there to get my coconut oil that I’m absolutely in love with.

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And to see my friend, Natali.

The owner of the store, Natali, is my friend, so when I go to the store we always chat about something. She is quite an interesting woman, I always learn from her — passionate about living in harmony with nature, passionate about Russian culture and heritage (before communism ruined it).

We were chatting. She was drinking Herbalife drink.

She asked me, pointing at my hair.

- You got such a nice hair! How do I get my hair to be so thick and shiny? And also stop them from falling out?

I couldn’t get into all the details about her lifestyle and personal life, but I thought, well, I’ll ask her about the obvious, “the easiest” to change — her food and some habits.

I asked her,

- So what do you eat daily?

You’d expect, that a health food store owner would make her own health and food a priority — not necessarily.

- I’m so busy with the business and family. I barely have time to eat! These natural drinks from Herbalife are my saviors! I also eat whole grain sprouted cereals or crackers with some olive oil, tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers. Sometimes I eat chicken or fish. I love 70% dark chocolate we have here, all natural, coconut sugar.

- So, you are saying, you are barely eating, I suspect barely sleeping. What you eat mostly is some questionable shakes and some not very nutritious veggies from a supermarket and some fried chicken and fish sometimes. And you think this is enough for the body to thrive because you eat whole grain cereals and drink these shakes?

I told you how I usually eat. Simple. Made-by-nature foods: lots of veggies like spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, all kinds of greens I can find, and herbs, sometimes tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers etc., lots of different NOT fried fatty fish, lots of nuts, eggs, sometimes full fat dairy from local farms, coffee, coconut oil and 100% chocolate with ZERO sugar, no matter if it’s coconut or, I don’t know, some vitamin enhanced sugar, ZERO sugar. You said last time you’d try that, what happened?

- Business. Kids. I thought I was doing good…Just my hair started to fall out, and I’m tired.

- Those are supplements, not food, Natali! And the rest of your food has very little nutrition — vitamins, minerals — the important stuff. And you know you got to sleep! To give more energy to your family instead of being tired.

And believe me those dark circles don’t help your health business!

Let’s do something about it!

It’s not that difficult. You know that!

So why don’t we do this for a month and see what happens?

Sleep for 8 hours. Daily.

Eat ONLY whole fresh foods. Lots of green vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds. ZERO sugar. Little or no grains. Some good quality local dairy, if you want. Think lots of steamed fish, veggies, salads, eggs, nuts, dairy. ZERO sugar. Unlimited good food. Daily.

No more than 3 hours of sitting. Daily. That might be the easiest for you with all the stuff you got to do.

2 L of water. Daily.

- Just do it!

I’m not asking to do the impossible. Just necessary. If you want to be healthy. If you want to look and feel good! And yes, have shiny hair and lose some weight. If you want to have more energy for fun family times. And more customers.

Can’t you sleep for 8 hours? — When you don’t sleep enough you are falling asleep half of the day anyway! What good does it do for you, your family or business?

Can’t you eat food instead of some weird stuff I’d never call food? — You prepare stuff to eat anyway, and cook for kids, might as well make some good food for yourself!

Can’t you drink 2 L of water? — You already drink stuff.

Can’t you sit very little and move, stand, walk more instead? — You don’t have to work out. Just move, unless you have to sit.

Can’t YOU?…

Don’t tell yourself stories why you can’t.

Ask yourself, how can I?

I travel a lot. I don’t have the opportunity to always have ideal standing work station for writing, drawing, computer work. Something like a fancy standing desk.

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I could have said to myself,

- Well, I’ll just sit for hours then. It’s what I got to do. There is no alternative now.

But instead I did that…

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