3 ways to make healthy eating work for you. Delicious, fun and healthy.

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I asked a friend of mine,

Hey, Fausto, what’s your main problem with healthy eating?

What stops you to be 100% in?

What’s your main challenge?

Man, I love food. I enjoy it. How do you make healthy food delicious and fun too?

I never seem to enjoy myself eating healthy food.

There are 3 ways to make healthy eating fun and delicious, and convenient and joyful.


Eat this — Not that.

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Do your research, google it, find healthy snacks, healthy order-in places.

You know the beauty of our lives? Of our time?

You can find fun, delicious and healthy substitution to ANY unhealthy junk food.

Love cookies?

Try this.

Love chocolate?

Try this.

Love pizza?

Try this.

Love pasta?

Try this.

Love pancakes with maple syrup?

Try this.

Love donuts?

Try this.

These are just few examples. There are more and more products on the market every single day that can substitute anything you desire for a healthy nutritious option, that doesn’t ruin your health, even though, no matter how healthy a cookie or a chocolate is, you can not live off that, you still got to eat your veggies, just like your mom told you, and healthy whole food proteins and fats.


Upgrade your cooking skills.

Into cooking? Love making meals? Inviting friends? Cooking family dinners?

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t buy a couple of new recipe books, create your own online healthy recipe library, or simply substitute the ingredients with healthy alternatives in the recipes you already love making.

As the saying goes — JUST GOOGLE IT!

There is literally NO RECIPE, that you can’t make healthy, once you do your own research about healthy substitutions. There are substitutions for sugar, for flour, for everything really. You can even make healthy French Fries, if you want.

Have fun with it.

Imagine you are taking a cooking course.

Buy a healthy cooking book, like this one (my recent purchase), for example. Get the ingredients and cook a recipe a day, or cook a few on the weekends to master and cook during the upcoming week.

Reminds me of this year Friendsgiving with Luke Williams, when we reinvented pizza, enjoying super delicious mizza!

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Speaking of Friendsgiving and delicious fun together…


Enjoy health together.

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Back in my Thailand days, we used to get together for movie nights.

We would pick a thought-provoking or a funny movie, and everyone would cook or bring a healthy food they discovered, re-invented, new recipe somebody really liked and wanted to share, sometimes we would cook together.

I used to make lots of raw vegan chocolate and cakes (those were my raw vegan days).

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Koh Samui, Thailand

It was so much fun!

Plus nobody felt heavy afterword, we had such a lively discussion and would often hit the beach after for some moonlight swimming and further movie discussion.

Everyone loved the food and enjoyed all the benefits of healthy eating.

Let’s face it. When we eat healthy food — everyone wins. We enjoy ourselves in the moment and feel great after!

There is no reason why healthy food should be isolating — just don’t be boring about it! Create! Re-invent! Gather a fun crowd around it! Mix it up together!

Don’t take the default and the easiest choice available today — it’s not gonna give you the best opportunities and the best results, the best health and energy.

Make your own path. Make conscious choices. Take care of yourself — nobody else would ever care more about you. — Definitely not the food industry!

Have fun with it!



Want to see what I’m eating these days to get ready to win Sports Model Competition April 28th in New Jersey (IPL)?

Follow me on MyFitnessPal and Instagram to see EXACTLY what I’m eating, what supplements I’m taking.

And till next time — live as A Better Self Daily!

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