Hi there, fellow fast-curious soul!

I’m Angela, a nutrition and health coach who’s been into fasting for more than 10 years now. It’s been a journey for sure. Not only for me personally but also for the whole field of fasting — from being considered a “fad of the past” to the present day cutting-edge field of research, that can help to cure or make better almost all of the diseases of modern food environment — obesity, metabolic disease, heart disease, chances of getting cancers, diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, allergies and sensitivities, auto-immune conditions, skin and hormonal problems, sleep disorders.

How I got the leanest without keto and the healthiest eating dairy again.

Looking back at what I learned, at my own health practice of 2020 and the results I got, looking back at my work with many clients, trying to build their best selves in different parts of the world and business, I want to share with you today, dear reader, a few simple things — nutrition, lifestyle, training — that give back the most to increase energy, help you to lose and maintain weight easier, get and stay fit mentally and physically, get sick less.

Adding foods back in VS eliminating.

Keto, low carb, paleo, whatever-free, vegan and plant-based — these are elimination diets and they aren’t…

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We got it all wrong!

I got it all wrong!

I’m 33 and for the most part, so far, I’ve been trying to develop aspects of self and change myself, as it turns out, in all the wrong ways, against human psychology and the way we naturally form habits. No wonder every change took me forever, unless accidentally I would change something “the scientific way”, not being aware of it.

These days I’ve been trying to study for a couple of hours a day consistently to advance my coaching career and to get better at communicating my ideas to other…

Or how to enjoy your croissant eating healthier than ever!

I’ve just finished this book, “French kids eat everything”.

Some people ask me, what does it have to do with your nutrition/health coaching career? How does it help you to coach adults better? To help adults to change their eating and lifestyle habits?

The more I work with people and reflect on my own journey of health transformation the more I’m not surprised to discover how we are still just grown-up kids, especially when it comes to food.

It’s not that you are incapable, it’s just you set yourself up for failure from the start.

How come?

Let me explain.

I’m Angela, health/nutrition/weight loss coach. I help my clients to design a lifestyle, to design habits to maintain the level of health and fitness they want, get and maintain simply the body they want to have for life.

Many of my clients, especially women come to me and say, “I can’t stick with intermittent fasting! I end up overeating, or eating the wrong thing or binging, or all of it together. Please help me to stick with it!”

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Right at the beginning I want to share this one fact of my personal diet history to give you a better idea of where I’m coming from.

I tried living on juice only once — I almost did it to 60 days, on juice and coconut water and nothing else. I had a juice-detox company in Thailand some years ago. I was a raw vegan for 4.5 years. I did almost 100% keto for almost 6 years. I’m an omnivore now. …

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The mind-blowing moment numero uno happened when I fully understood this phrase — “we burn the same amount of calories no matter what” aka we “have a constraint on our daily energy expenditure”. Like whether you are a pro-athlete, training 5–6 hours a day, or a pregnant to-be mom, or an average work-from-home professional, or a Hadza modern hunter-gatherer — DOESN’T MATTER! We burn the same amount of calories because we are human species, because we aren’t gorillas or antelopes, or sea turtles.

It sank in my mind and I realized how my thinking and the thinking of most fitness…

Even Boris Johnson admits THIS is a serious issue.

And by THIS in the title I mean obesity and all the “bonuses” that come with it — metabolic disease, hormones go out of balance, a person is more likely to get cancer, lots of gut issues and mental issues, self-esteem issues and suffering that comes with it.

And by cavemen I literally mean “losing like cavemen”.

When would cavemen lose weight during evolution?

When there was no food available, or food was very scarce and that meant for our body and our brain — if you don’t find anything nutritious to eat real soon, there’s a possibility you’re gonna…

Here’s what will help you to manage yours. From biohacking to behavioral psychology.

My name is Angela. I’m a nutrition/health/weight loss coach recently turned food educator and entrepreneur.

Most of my adult life (I’m 33 years old) I spent either losing weight or helping others to lose weight. The lack of eating culture and food education, our poorly designed food environment created this present state, where most of us have/had some issues with food and eating, resulting in health and weight problems.

We are arguing about calories, carbs and fats, and the best human diet, leaving out this elephant in the room — no matter what conclusion is the “ultimate truth” until we…

Nutrients of focus — in a simple eating routine.

I’ve been an athlete-hobbyist my whole life!

Athletics and dance classes at school. Gym, running, more dancing and aerobics through high school and college. And I kept moving after — gym, yoga, dancing, rollerblading, walking a lot, cross-fit, pump, calisthenics. There never has been a time in my life when I stopped working out. Even after my motorbike accident when I couldn’t walk for a while and broke 6 ribs and punctured my lung — in a month, as soon as I could walk and breathe without pain I started a simple exercise program.

Movement has always been a HUGE…

Angela Shurina

Coach. Nutrition. Health. Weight Loss. Flexible Keto. Food Consultant. HEALTH FOUNDATION - FREE 📧EMAIL COURSE https://bit.ly/TeamLean

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