Imagine what it’d be like to feed your brain’s full potential.

This morning I went out for my regular sunrise walk on the beach in Playa Del Carmen where I’m currently embracing nomadic lifestyle as an online nutrition coach.

And what I’m excited about looking into my wiser years.

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Doesn’t it make your life kind of boring? To work on this longevity health goal, not having fun every day like everyone else?

I think a lot of people never felt what it’s like, when you wake up every morning full of energy and enthusiasm, ready to go, ready to…

Or how to avoid our “overfat” destiny.


If we eat what’s the most convenient, cheapest, flavorful and delicious, with the best marketing — we are all f*cked!

Overfat, oversized, overwhelmed, getting sicker and less mentally and physically able day by day, eating the most mouth-watering and cheapest diet.

That’s the future!

We are all f*cked!


Is there a better diet? Yes! It has no name, has nothing to do with calories or carbs, and it’s complicated.

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A friend of mine, game designer, developer, Charlie got into cooking recently.

“I’m so hungry all the time!”, he used to say.

After a few days of cooking according to the Angela’s formula, as people call it — fiber (lots of veg), protein, healthy and essential fats, Charlie was surprised…

A simple life-long best-shape-of-your-life program that actually works.

“So, is it another part of Angela’s weight loss theory?”

A client of mine asked me, while chatting about servings of nuts allowed, and why it’s important to keep an eye on them.

“Should I be low fat now?”, the client continued.

“No. But fat calories are denser than other…

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Right at the beginning I want to share this one fact of my personal diet history to give you a better idea of where I’m coming from.

I tried living on juice only once — I almost did it to 60 days, on juice and coconut water and nothing else…

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The mind-blowing moment numero uno happened when I fully understood this phrase — “we burn the same amount of calories no matter what” aka we “have a constraint on our daily energy expenditure”. Like whether you are a pro-athlete, training 5–6 hours a day, or a pregnant to-be mom, or…

Hi there, fellow fast-curious soul!

I’m Angela, a nutrition and health coach who’s been into fasting for more than 10 years now. It’s been a journey for sure. Not only for me personally but also for the whole field of fasting — from being considered a “fad of the past”…

How I got the leanest without keto and the healthiest eating dairy again.

Looking back at what I learned, at my own health practice of 2020 and the results I got, looking back at my work with many clients, trying to build their best selves in different parts of the world and business, I want to share with you today, dear reader, a…

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We got it all wrong!

I got it all wrong!

I’m 33 and for the most part, so far, I’ve been trying to develop aspects of self and change myself, as it turns out, in all the wrong ways, against human psychology and the way we naturally form habits. …

Angela Shurina

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