A Blank Canvas. Reality Label-Limiting.

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We put labels on reality, expect it to comply, defying the very nature of reality — constant and never-ending change.

What I am?

Who I am?

What does describe me the best?

What my life is about?

What are my personal qualities?

What are my talents? Faults?

Do you ask yourself some of these questions from time to time?

I sure did ask myself them a lot.

Did I get closer to “THE” answer?

I don’t think there can be “THE” answer anymore.

I can put on myself limitless number of labels:

Smart, stupid, creative, close-minded, funny, serious, fit, fat, beautiful, ugly, successful, a failure, a healthy eater, a vegan, carnivorous, kind, evil, annoying, interesting, boring, loving, hateful…

There are so many labels that we put on ourselves, on other people, on things, experiences, reality.

We label everything.


We see black and white version of the world. We chose to do so because it’s easier to navigate it then. When we can put a label on something we know what to do with it, right? That’s why we put labels on — probably soon we will put some kind of “official” labels on ourselves — one of my friends in India working in his company on a social network that will allow you to put your info in, and when you are out and about the app will tell you who are the people around you, in close proximity, so you know who you want to interact with.

I’m sure tech world will offer some version of it, and most of us will happily subscribe voluntarily because we would like to use the benefit of “knowing” too, right? Easier to make decisions and assumptions then. No need to figure anyone out when we already see their profile.

So, where was I?


Labels we put on things. Reality. Ourselves.

Labels DO certainly save time — when I read a label on a vitamin supplement I take, I know what to do with it.

Labels make decision-making easier and faster.

Labels provide guidance how to interact with the world — outer or inner.


Labels are static entities.

Labels do not change.

Labels simplify things, sometimes making us skip the important aspects of something/someone.

Labels do NOT allow the growth, the expansion, the customization.

Labels are limiting.


Most objects (things, people, experiences) we apply labels/permanent descriptions to, are, in fact, in the process of constant change.

Take me.

I might say, “I AM fit and healthy.”

Am I though?

Right at this very moment yes. Tomorrow — depends on, how I spend today. And this is especially true when we take longer periods of time.

I might say, “I AM kind.”

Am I?

For the friend I helped to set up a blog or gave a hug and words of encouragement, when it was needed I might indeed seem as a kind person.

For a newly-converted vegan friend, who, I said to, “diet doesn’t really say anything about the person and certainly does not turn them into a better person”, I was more like an evil arrogant know-it-all bitchy girl. And maybe I was a bit at the moment.

NON of the labels are me.

They are what I do at the moment.

I might be fit and healthy now and in a couple of days of eating junk and sitting on my rear end — I can be a total wreck looking nothing like a fitness model, honestly wondering where that fitness model disappeared so fast.

I might be kind to someone right now and a bitch to someone the next moment. — I make sure it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes you need to slap people behaving asshole-like. It’s life. Assholes happen.

Is there a bad/good diet?

Some might say yes. I “am” a health practitioner after all.

But it depends on, what your desired outcome is.

Maybe you don’t care much about feeling good physically and what makes you really happy is eating lots of sugary snacks and having easy fun joyful experiences. Or maybe junky food doesn’t affect you as it affects me. How would I know?

Who am I to say it’s bad for YOU?

It makes ME miserable, but it’s just me today.

Labels limit our reality and we stop questioning them, assuming we know the reality, not even actually seeing things and experiences that are not a part of our “known” reality, our accepted labels.

And that’s very scary.

We see not what is — “what is” changes constantly.

We see what we think is and then act accordingly.

And that saves some time and energy but applied to everything and never questioned — the approach limits our reality and ourselves. We stop growing, because we assume we know our limits, ourselves, until some profound experience changes what we “know”. We assume we know the world and never question it, even though the world might have already changed, and in fact changing right now as I write this.

Have you ever watched a flower opening up? Maybe a video of it?


Have you thought that the version of that flower you see at the moment will never exist anymore?

Have you ever noticed how every branch on a tree seems to be in a constant development/growth cycle of its own, always reaching for something, exploring, striving to be…something different?

It never stopped to think (suppose it could think, maybe it can) what it is and how much or how fast it should grow. It just does grow. Where is the end? The limit? Nobody and nothing knows. There are possibilities and probabilities but there is no sure trajectory of its development.

And when next spring we see the same tree — it’s not the same. If we took a picture of it the year before, very detailed one, we would notice how different it got.

Yes, it’s still a tree (or maybe not). But there are new branches, new leaves, it might have got taller, some branches fell off. Maybe there is “I love you” written on its trunk.

We would never notice the change otherwise, because we already have a label and probably a mental picture of it in our mind. Nothing to be curious about anymore, to wonder at, right?

We think we already know who WE are.

We know what this planet, the Universe — at least some part of it — is about.

We think we reached some limits in our development and now need to use technology to extend and expand ourselves.

We think WHAT we already documented in some way is known and doesn’t change.

Have you ever seen the same sunset in your life?

Even if you go to the same spot to watch it for years?

Have you?

So, can you say you know THE sunset?

Trees, flowers, animals, even man-made things — they all change.


“There is NEVER nothing going on” — the line from one of my favorite movies (“Peaceful Warrior”)

Do you want to know a secret?

Humans. Me AND You. We grow too. Daily. Every hour. Every minute. Every second.

Is there a limit to where we can grow?

Is there a limit to expansion of the Universe we are a part of?

Blank Canvas.

We draw ourselves every single second.

There is no limit.

Never was.

No labels.


Constant and never-ending learning.

Constant and never-ending change.

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