ADHD, Brain Fog, Focus and Food. Eating for productive chemicals.

I’ve just read “This is your brain on food”, written by a nutrition psychiatrist.

“I wasn’t high, I wasn’t wired. Just clear. I knew what I needed to do and how to do it.”

~ Eddie Morra, Limitless (2011)

And on some mornings, it’s like the power went out in your brain and you are in the dark, hopelessly searching for the keys to open the door that unlocks your brain’s full potential. Or at least some spark of motivation to get through stock-piled emails that needed a cleanup?


Not too much. Without sugar.

Thicker Brain Fog.

Sugar, gluten, MSG and dairy.

Bulletproof Brain.

Polyphenols, flavonoids and other antioxidants.

  • Experiment with removing dairy, gluten and non-grandma-approved ingredients — see what works the best for you.
  • Top it up with a square or two of my favorite 100% dark chocolate (An acquired taste with the most benefits. My brained learned to love it!)


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