After trying almost any kind of diet existing for a year or more I can say that for me personally the easiest to stay the leanest with no cravings and no hunger is ketogenic whole food diet with most fat coming from nuts, and fatty fish (plus some eggs, occasional dairy, coconut oil). My hormone levels are stable, I don’t experience mood swings or cravings like I used to on fat restrictive diets (no matter macro nutrients my diet is always 99% whole foods), plus my skin, hair, nails and cognitive functions are much better now. The same I noticed with all of my clients actually. But yes, I always think about populations of people who follow traditional whole food diets high in whole grains, legumes who are indeed healthy and disease free. Must be something to it too. Would love to know some day the whole mechanism of fat loss/accumulation.

My guess is there are many parts of the story we still are to discover.

One more thing I noticed. My leanness and health is to a big extent depends on self-image, visualization and my mental state overall.

Thank you for the article! I love how open-minded it is, not saying this works or this doesn’t but just taking into consideration facts and making possible conclusions. Loved it! I believe that’s how true science is supposed to be. Not a religion or belief we in love with but an open discussion.

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