Aging Backwards: Do What Kids Do. Look and Feel 10, 20, 30…Years Younger.

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I was talking to a friend yesterday right before going to bed. It was not even 7 pm in the evening.

He told me: “You are on my son’s schedule. He goes to bed around the same time.”

I said without even thinking: “I’m just aging backwards. Becoming a kid again”.

Today while walking in the park at 5 am in the morning (I doubt many kids do that though) I started thinking more about the difference between kids and adults — between our lifestyle choices, the way we approach and live our life, about different quality of life we experience, amount of happiness we feel, difference in energy levels, health, vitality, mobility, enthusiasm and passion for life.

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Look at this picture of me at 15 and now at 27 (Guessed the age and the picture?). It does seem like I aged backwards. And I definitely feel more alive, more passionate about life, more enthusiastic, not to mention healthier, fitter, stronger and younger.

When I think about my lifestyle these days it truly does resemble kids’ lifestyle more.

Look at your kids or any kids you can watch.

Notice how they spend their days, what they do with their time, how they do things physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. (I believe kids are the most spiritual people, they just don’t have labels for spirituality yet).

Kids go to bed with the Sun usually, unless they do something they are very passionate about and can’t fall asleep because they are so into it.

They wake up early. With the Sun.

Kids move all day long. They don’t exercise, at least that’s not how they see sport and physical activities. They play, they have fun and they definitely don’t work out to burn the calories!

(Can you imagine your healthy kid waking up, sitting at the desk the whole day doing something dull and boring just to fall on the couch to watch some dumb TV before falling asleep binging on some crap at the same time? Day after day? Just to make a living? Instead of actual living?)

Kids eat when they are hungry. They eat whatever they feel like eating. They eat till they feel full (not till the plate is empty). They don’t have their schedule for eating. The hunger is the Master here (and, of course, we adults with our schedules).

Kids have fun. Whatever they do, they do it because it’s fun, even if it’s challenging, it got to be fun. Kids are naturally in the state of flow: somewhere in-between fun and challenge in the sweet spot. (God, the kids are competitive sometimes, especially if they want to beat you at their favorite game).

Kids laugh. 300 times a day on average they say. They make fun of themselves constantly never taking anything, themselves included, seriously.

Kids are passionately curious about the world around them. They are natural fast-learners because of their curiosity.

Kids never assume anything and never limit themselves or the world.

Kids dream, kids do, kids make dreams a reality. The word “Impossible” (that, by the way, says itself “I’m possible”) and the word “No” don’t exist for kids.

Kids are naturally in the present, in the NOW. The future and the past are still new concepts for them. Kids will not sacrifice now for tomorrow. You might think it’s not good for long term results but in fact, doing what feels wrong now and hoping to fix it tomorrow, brings us all the troubles.

And kids are healthy, happy, alive, fit, strong, full of energy,

full of passion and excitement for life.

Don’t we all want that?

Don’t we all want to look and feel young, fit, healthy, confident, able to move mountains and change the world any day any time?

Then all we got to do — stop being adults! Become kids again!

Stop working out and start playing.

Stop working late nights trying to be productive and sleep with the Sun.

Stop having breakfasts, lunches and dinners and just eat when you feel hungry (and only then) whatever you feel hungry for. Forget about nutrition and products. Eat food.

Stop worrying and start having fun.

Stop thinking about yourself too much and start laughing at yourself and the world around you.

Stop laughing 15 times a day, start laughing 300 times a day.

Stop working and start doing what you love, start playing and exploring.

Stop living tomorrow and yesterday and start living NOW.

Stop thinking about the thing you don’t have and start dreaming, start doing, start creating your dream-reality.

Stop assuming things and get curious about the world — the world might be so much better than you think of it.

Stop learning what you think you should learn and start researching things you are passionate about.

Stop worrying about what you can’t do and explore what you can.

Stop existing and start living. Today. Now.

Stop teaching your kids. Learn from your kids.

Stop being right and become a student.

Results Guaranteed — Young Healthy Fit and Incredibly Happy You!

Stop Aging Forward. Start Aging Backwards.

Don’t believe me.

Try it.

What do you have to lose?

Boring life and job you hate where you know everything that happens upfront?

Pounds of fat?

Do you really need any of it?

One thing I promise to you:

You’ll have a hell lot of fun and You’ll absolutely love it!

Be a Kid! Adult lifestyle ages you and makes you fat.

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