Arte di Vivere, Art of Living — Lost Art Worth Reviving.

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From every corner these days you hear: improvement, success, efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, de-cluttering, success, doing more in less time, achieving more, time management, getting more things done, results. List goes on.

Life seems to be about squeezing more experiences in a day.

Even happiness, joy is defined by procedures, rituals, things to do, recipes.

Becoming a happy person is a new goal, new achievement, new upgraded fancier definition of a true success. Happiness is to be achieved with the best strategy in the least amount of time.

Joy of living, arte di vivere, being, playing, having fun, doing things for the heck of it with NO purpose AT ALL, not to share, to discover, to research, to use in the future projects — is being lost, unforgivably forgotten, neglected.

And then we start wondering, where did that excitement I used to feel go?

What should I do, what new technique should I try to achieve nirvana, or at least feel joy and happiness again? What’s the new trick? What’s the strategy?

Funny thing — happiness and joy happen, when we don’t plan it, when we don’t try to achieve it.

When was the last time you went with the flow? With the moment? Just to have fun? Just for the heck of it? Not because you needed it. Not because your psychologist or coach told you, that’s what you need to do — to unplug, take some time off, relax.

Scheduled fun time…Hmmm…Time that you probably will schedule to the minute, measure, and expect to feel and see results after. Time, when somehow, you will not be able to unplug fully, forget about everything, constantly worrying about not being able to relax. Kinda like trying to fall asleep, because you know you need to sleep, but not being able to do that because you worry about not falling asleep.

It happened to almost everyone. Me included. Trying too hard cancels the best intentions.

When was the last time that you lived a simple moment being totally engaged? With all your senses. When did you last drink your “usual” cup of coffee or tea, taking the time to smell the amazing aroma (I’m assuming you got some good quality tea or coffee, cause otherwise the experience is not even worth having), recognizing all the subtleties of it, all the scents, all the nuances? When did you take the time to really live every moment of your day, not because you have to, but because that’s your life? Just one moment. Now.

Enjoying this moment with full intensity and all of our senses is the highest priority.

Do you know why we consume more and more, try to do more and more, accomplish more, try to have more stuff? Because we lost the ability to appreciate things we have. All the tastes of a simple or intricate meal, all the nuances of experiences we have — touch, smell, sound, feeling. Things, experiences are purchased but not appreciated, not experienced fully, neglected for the most part.

“An average human looks without seeing, listens without hearing, touches without feeling, eats without tasting, moves without physical awareness, inhales without awareness of odour or fragrance, and talks without thinking.”

~ Leonardo da Vinci

No wonder we can’t get enough! We get, get and get. But we receive nothing. Everything goes to waste.

Most of our problems come from this dis-attachment from our feelings, disengagement from the present moment.

We are overweight, because we don’t taste and appreciate food anymore.

We are sick, because we have no awareness of our physical body and its needs anymore.

We are not happy, not satisfied with life, depressed, because we don’t engage our senses living daily life anymore. We skip everything. Fast-forward experiences.

Arte di Vivere.

Art of Living, we as a society lost it and need to find it again urgently.

Because…because life is not worth living any other way. It’s not fun. There is no joy. And no matter what audacious goal or higher purpose we have or seek, if we don’t know how to enjoy our live, living every moment, how to have fun daily and how to find fun in EVERY LITTLE THING WE DO — there is no point. We might as well skip it all and go to higher realms right now.

Life is a precious gift. Gift to enjoy and savor. The rest is optional.

Do you have a huge smile on your face going to bed?

Do you fall asleep and wake up feeling exceptionally joyous and lucky, because you are alive, and have the whole day to enjoy with all of your senses?

Savoring it. Tasting it. Hearing it. Smelling it. Feeling it.

Do you?

If you do — it’s amazing isn’t it?

If you don’t — time to change things. Don’t waste another second…

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