“#AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness”. One book you want to read TODAY to start succeeding. Always.

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#AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness

Got the book this morning after listening to James Altucher’s podcast with Gary Vaynerchuk.
Ep. 158 — Gary Vaynerchuk: How to Be Successful By Being Yourself

The timing couldn’t be better.
The timing is important.
Timing is often a difference between a success and could have been a success.
The night before, I asked for a hint, advice from the Universe about what to do next, what my next step is. In the morning, that what I got. Not bad. Not bad at all..
It’s the fourth book by Gary I finished. I don’t regret spending time on any of them. No matter what advice I apply, it works every single time. As long as I work it works.
Every. Single. Time.

“Ideas are shit. Execution is the name of the game. Just. Make. It. Happen.”

Not everything in the book is applicable to my life or what I do of course, not every lesson I need to learn right now. But I know, that even if I act just on a couple of things applicable to my life and work — I’ll make a leap. I BIG one. And if I don’t act on anything from the book, well, it’s going to be my fault that I don’t have the success I am after.
The advice in the book is golden. Practical. Actionable. It’s a textbook for practical people, for doers, for true entrepreneurs, who are out there to bring value, help people, make the world better and make money, of course.

“Cash. It is the oxygen of your business.”

It’s the oxygen of life. In the world today nothing big or good can be accomplished without it.
Below are the most valuable lessons for me, lessons I’m going to apply starting right now. Not all of them, but most important. The book is a treasure. I’ll come back not once to it.
Get the book and read it for your lessons and takeaways. Everyone has their own.
Read it. And act. Today. As soon as you can.
Tomorrowland is where all the great ideas die.

The Clouds and The Dirt.
The clouds are the high-end philosophy and beliefs that are at the heart of everything I am personally and everything I do professionally.
If you religiously follow just the few core business philosophies that mean the most to you, and spend all your time there, everything else will naturally fall into place.

Bring Value to the customer.
Provide 51 percent of value in a relationship, whether it’s an employee, a client, or a stranger.
Always play the long game of lifetime value.
Smart work will never replace hard work; it only supplements it.
People are most important commodity.
Patience matters.
Never be romantic about how you make your money.
Try to put yourself out of business daily.

The dirt is about being a practitioner and executing towards those clouds.

Ideas are worthless without the execution; execution is pointless without the ideas.

All the best apps, companies, and products have broken the way we live life, transformed how we communicate, and changed our day-to-day. Good products evolve us.

Vagueness sucks. Lack of drive sucks. Half-assing sucks. And so does the middle.

What motivates you to continue any project without seeing and significant growth prior?
I believe in my purpose.

Customer satisfaction is huge, as are issues like establishing company culture, budget, marketing, hiring.
But there is one thing that always transcends everything else:
Cash. It is the oxygen of your business.

There is no second.
Bet on your strength. It’s an underrated business strategy in a world where so many people are obsessed with fixing their weaknesses they give short shrift to the skills they were born with.

I often say there are two things that bring people value: 1) entertainment, and 2) utility.

Either way, so long as you don’t shy away from making decisions, so long as you aren’t content to sit and dither, you will never be left with zero. Suck it up. Make the call. And remember: Be grateful if you’re lucky enough to have too many options.

The best way to become something is to do the work required to become something. Sell, sell, sell. Figure out what it takes to provide value. Learn how to communicate your value proposition. Engage with your customers. Find mentors. Go work for free and under people who can show you the ropes and serve as that point of contact when you need it. Lear the hustle and taste the game. Put yourself in the position to win. You can read as many books as you’d like but they’re not going to make you an entrepreneur. What is it Yoda said? There is no try, only do.
So stop waiting for the perfect moment to jump, because it will never come. If you want to be an artist, make art….
Start doing whatever it takes. Even if that means selling the very shirt off your back.

I put a zero weight into anyone’s opinion about me because I know exactly who I am.

Apply your time and energy to where there is a fertile ground. It might take a lot of work to find your customer base, but it sure beats wasting your breath on people who are never going to help you out.

You want to surround yourself with people who are going to stand by you and encourage you to get back up, not keep you down.

To get those first ten customer, you have to grind. You can’t be shy, my friends. Just roll up to every single person in the world who might possibly buy your stuff, and as them to buy your stuff.

If your work is great, that becomes your reputation, and that becomes the gateway drug to bring in business to your sales funnel.

There are a million reasons you can find to stop building a business, but almost every time, the real reason why you stop is not that you don’t have time or money, but that it’s hard.

Without sales you’ve got nothing, in good times or in bad.

You don’t need a twelve-week course to digest my biggest piece of advice: Don’t be a student, be a practitioner.

It’s hustle, not talent, that is the differentiator between entrepreneurs who succeed and those who don’t.
You just have to be willing to do more than the competition. And you have to do it every single day.

How do you define hustle?
It’s maximizing the energy you put into what you are passionate about.
It’s squeezing every last bit of juice out of your day.
It’s putting all your effort into achieving the goal at hand.
It’s making every minute count. Every. Single. Minute.

It’s not about how much you sleep. It’s about what you do while you’re awake.

I’ll never make excuses.
Stop saying “but” and you’ll be forced to move forward; there will be nothing standing in your way anymore.

What are you good at? You can crush anything if you’re good at it. I’ not a great writer, but boy can I make a terrific video.

Expressing gratitude helps you build lifetime value. When you’re small and still climbing the mountain, sometimes it’s practically all you’ve got to give. So spend your time being generous and grateful for whatever tine and attention your customer gives you. You’ll see that it comes back to you eventually via word-of-mouth recommendations, sales, and legacy.

This is my call to action: Go deep. Reach out, provide value, and be there.

Being nice is a choice and how you choose to speak to people even when you’re pressed for time reveal who you really are.
Money and fame doesn’t change people, it just exposes them.

When have you been happiest in life?
Right this very second.
…this moment is the happiest in my life because with every encounter, every adventure, every experience, ultimately, everything always gets collectively better. That is, it does when you choose to focus on the positive, which I definitely do. You should try it.

Read it.
Use it.
Make it Happen.
Tomorrowland is where all the great ideas die.

#AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness

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