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Be the one who does things.

Not the one who talks about things. Thinks about things.

Be the one who comments and share, spreads the word around.

Not the one who just likes stuff.

Honestly? Nobody cares about the shit you “like”. What do you do with that? What can I do with that?

Be the one who helps.

Not the one who says, “Oh, I wish I could help.”

Honestly? How does your wish change anything?

Be the one who shows, how to do things.

Not the one who says, what the right thing to do is.

Like I don’t know what I should do without you.

Be the one who gives hugs and kisses, who invites people over, who makes people laugh.

Not the one who says, “I feel for you. I’m here for you.”

Everyone is here for me, but no one is here, when I need someone for a specific thing.

Be the one who lets people in the very heart of yours.

Not the one waiting for the safe place to express true feelings, waiting for the “good” people to appreciate what you have to give.

You’ll be waiting forever.

Be the one who sings and dances, even when it looks like this sometimes. Or always.

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Not the one watching, having secret laughs in the corner and sharing on social media: “Look world, I’m having fun!” …In my little corner, watching others having fun.

Be the one laughing out loud. Even if your best laugh sounds something like this:

Not the one posting “LOL!”.

Be the one who says, “Let’s hang out and do some crazy shit!”

Not the one saying, “We should do that sometimes”

Be the one who stops and enjoys the moment.

Not the one thinking, “I’ll definitely do this some day”

Yeah, right. How many times did that happen?

Be the one who gets up and says, “I’m totally for/against it! Let’s do it!”

Not the one thinking about the “right thing to do”.

Be the one who gives a damn by doing NOT by saying.

Show the world what you got. Stop talking about it.

Be the one adding value to that SPECIAL person’s life, that one that needs you right here, right now.

Not the one looking for THE big mission and big opportunities.

Be the one who breaks bones, gets up to do even crazier shit.

Not the one preparing safety gear for the “big” leap.

Be the one screaming from the rooftops: “I f*ing Love You!”

Not the one waiting for the right moment. Afraid to be hurt. To open up. To be real for once.

Be the one SAYING: “I don’t like you. Let’s never talk again, ok?” Or “I HATE you! I HATE your guts! Get the hell out of my sight! Forever preferably!”

Not the one avoiding possible conflicts, trying to be nice to everyone, trying not to hurt people’s feelings, in reality just being afraid to be disliked by others, afraid to lose things, afraid to live life being unapologetically you. Even if that YOU is a jerk or a bitch sometimes.

Be the one who steps up and says, “I’m ready now. What do I do?”

Not the one thinking: “I got to do x and y, and probably z, and the whole alphabet, before I’m ready”

Be Living the Life NOW, not Yesterday or Tomorrow. Or in your head.

Don’t be a Walter Mitty.

Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Watch it. DO NOT put it into “I’ll watch it sometimes later” box.

Be NOW. Be HERE. Serve the Moment.

Be the One Who Does.

I want to slap you. I want to shake you real hard. I want to scream at you real loud.

“Stop wasting my f*ing time on the FAKE YOU!

Show your real feelings! Say what you got to say! Do what you wanna do!

Be the most weird, inappropriate, fitting out, craziest, …most EXTRAORDINARY YOU!

Let me meet the REAL YOU!”

And who knows, I might not even slap you after all. I might kiss you instead.

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