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“So, popular art tends to have the most constraints on it, even though we tend to be a little less aware of them as consumers.”

~ Peter Turchi. “A conversation about writing with Peter Turchi”

24 hours for everything we got to do today makes us focus on the important.

2000 calories a day makes us think about the quality of every bite.

X amount of money makes us better consumers.

X amount of time to spend with our loved ones makes every second count.

X amount of time for our work makes our creativity work extra hard on innovative solutions. Undiscovered connections emerge.

X amount of energy for the day makes us better at setting priorities.

X amount of years and hours makes us cherish the ones you have. And the fact that we are not even guaranteed those. It makes us work on longevity question and health improvement strategies.

X amount of ways we know to create art makes something unexpected appear.

X amount of knowledge and experience makes us come up with genius solutions to problems at hand.

X amount of opportunities we get in life makes us use the ones we get to the fullest.

X amount of things we can finish in a life time makes us choose the ones that matter.

X amount of experiences we get to have makes us savor each one of them.

X amount of people we can interact with makes us choose the best ones.

Limited amount of words we could say would make us better speakers.

Limited food/drink budget for the day and life would make us consume quality products.

Limited amount of cups of coffee would make us stop drinking crap.

Limited amount of chocolate bars would make us gourmet chocolate experts.

Limited amount of kisses and love making would make us great lovers.

Limited amount of books we get to write/read would make us good writers/readers.

Limited amount of places to visit and explore would make us conscious travelers.

Limited amount of pictures we get to take would make us great photographers.

Limited amount of music we get to hear would give us a good taste in music.

Limited amount of gadgets we get to use would make us techies.

Limited amount of pieces of clothes we get to have would give us a better sense of personal style.

Limited amount of movies we get to watch would make us cinema experts.

Limited amount of art to enjoy would make us art appreciators.

Constraints are beautiful.

Constraints are necessary.

Constraints create masterpieces.

The best picture frame makes the most beautiful picture.

The beauty was always there.

Cutting out the “unimportant” made you see it.

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