Best ever 2018? Want to keep up and get ahead?

Health, Fitness, Nutrition Trends You Can’t Survive Without in 2018.

Part 2 HERE.

As I’m writing this, the last day of 2017 is slipping through my fingers with every second passing.

I’m looking back with you at another year of health, fitness, nutrition.


It has definitely changed a lot about how we look at health, fitness and nutrition, how we look at ourselves as bio-electrical conscious machines, that want to perform better but not quite ready to become robots or download themselves into computer or the cloud as a pure consciousness.

I’ve read many books on health, fitness, wellness, nutrition on all forms of biohacking this year.

I’ve listened to tons of podcasts.

I’ve done my own research and experiments.

I’ve trained almost every single day.

The science made amazing discoveries.

Food is getting better than ever, and it’s never been easier and more fun to eat healthy and delicious food.

Many things changed about us, about the world.

I’m looking back today and want to share with you a few trends, that are here to stay, trends you need to know about, to learn about, to start applying them in your life to look and feel better, to have more energy, to perform better on all levels, because guess what? Hustle is in fashion, outworking each other for the sake of making better sh*t and changing the world is THE THING to do on the weekends and every waking hour. And if you are not taking care of yourself, if you don’t know how to eat right, sleep right, exercise and biohack, and still are not into meditation, as one of my heroes says, “…you’ve already lost”.

Being your ordinary self is not enough anymore.

Being your best self, doing your best work — that’s the sh*t.

Let’s dig in and learn how you too can be better daily.

Full Report with all the links and resources you can download subscribing to my list of awesome people, who are ready to take the next step in personal evolution:

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health

Download the trends. Learn. Apply.

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