Big Dreams. Big Goals. Big Lessons.

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I’ve always been a bit crazy.

Girl with big dreams, big goals and enough guts to move to any country with no plan, no safety net, just because it felt right.

Today, going through another challenge that involves possibility of being deported out of the country. I’m not freaking out surprisingly. Worked out at the gym. Watched Tim Ferriss’ show. Had some fun. Learned things. And still have enough strength and peace of mind to write, read, look into the future with a smile, make audacious goals and plans and enjoy my life. I did what I could. I’m letting go the rest with faith that it will all work out somehow. At the end. Why? It always does. Maybe not according to my plan, but for the best. Always.

Below are a few lessons I learned since I left home 6 years ago. I’ve lived abroad for the past 6 years with not much of a plan, going through all kind of crazy experiences, that will put most of the people in a state of paralysis. Not me. I had my moments of despair. But I learned, that as long as I do my best, and surrender the rest, having a positive attitude and enjoying my life, being able to laugh no matter what’s going on around me — everything will work out. Although I do wish sometimes that, maybe, for half a year or so, I’d have it easy, and enjoy normal existence. Not sure though I’d be able to take it for so long.

Let’s see.

What did I learn?

Be honest 100%. Have integrity. Be true to yourself. No matter what. No matter who.

Being honest with yourself. Accepting and seeing situation EXACTLY as it is — the first step to moving forward. If we try to make it look better or worse, even for ourselves only, we are not going to move forward dealing with any challenge that is in front of us. It’s just not gonna happen. Life will force us eventually to see the real situation. Will it be easy? Difficult? Up to us. The faster we accept things, life, our challenge, ourselves, exactly as it all is — the faster we’ll be able to overcome anything life throws at us. We’ll get stronger. We’ll grow. We’ll learn something new.

If we are honest with people around, we might get help much faster from places we expect it the least. Everything just might get solved much easier, with much less effort and much more fun. And we might get to know really nice people. People worth having in our life are the ones who stick with us no matter what, no matter how tough it gets. The ones not worth our time, they will leave at the first sight of difficulties.

So it will all work out for our benefit. At the end. It always does.

Do your best. Chill. Laugh. Let go.

Surrender the details.

Most often the best solutions come from the places and people we expect the least.

Go to the gym and smash it! Or Do yoga. Or Dance your ass off!

Or do any kind of sport. Give it everything you got.

That’s one of the reason I manage to stay calm and peaceful no matter what happens in my life. I use up all my adrenaline during workouts. I breathe deeply. My body produces lots of happiness hormones — serotonin, endorphins, dopamine. And I start feeling good, even though I might be going through some stressful times. And on top of that there is a side effect: when you look in the mirror, you see something you like, that adds additional bonus, a few smiles, and maybe even a few compliments from the opposite gender. That’s always nice. And if I train really hard, I’m the most peaceful person on Earth after. There is no energy left for being stressed or angry. Plus you sleep much better.

Be good to people. See the best in people. Trust. Help.

Even when you are in deep shit. And you don’t see the way out at the moment. Be a good person. Be a decent human being. Be polite. Smile. Notice good things about the people around you. Somebody might be going through the stuff that is even worse. You never see the battle a person is fighting — most of the people never show, what they are going through, till they collapse, till they can’t take it any longer. In fact, people who treat you the worst might be the very people, who are going through the worst and don’t know a better way to deal with it. People, who smile, might be going through the toughest time too, but they manage it better, or just don’t feel secure enough to open up to anyone.

Believe that some people care enough to help. Even strangers. In fact, most of the time, the people who you know the least will manage to help you the most. For some reason, that always happens to me. That makes me such a huge believer in a good human nature.

Be open enough to accept the help. To believe that good things happen, and there are kind-hearted people walking around, and you’ll meet them when you need them the most.

People are good. Some very deep inside — just because they are afraid to be hurt. But people are good, and can help, if they see you are honest and not trying to hurt them, take advantage of them, or deceive them.

Trust that, if your intentions are pure, you’ll attract people with pure hearts made of gold.

Trust life. Trust, you’ll be taken care of. Trust people — they are a part of Universal perfection. That’s how the Universe takes care of the ones who need help. Through other people.

Even when you feel the least like it, even when you feel like your world is about to collapse, when somebody asks you for a little kindness, a helping hand, generosity of the heart, compassion — if you can, give it, help.

And if you think you can’t — think better. There is a reason the Universe sent this person, asking for help, into your life. There is always a reason. Nothing ever just happens. If you can’t help personally, maybe you know someone who can. You are asked to help because you can, even if you don’t know that yet.

Last but Not Least.



Eat well.

Sleep well.


Be grateful.

Smile and Laugh — the harder, the better!

Live, mother fucker!

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We all got to learn the basics, before we can graduate and do something really great, amazing and mind-blowing.

And what a better way to learn than to live, facing the challenges with the heart wide open, laughing, looking into the abyss, leaping and KNOWING the net is out there.

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