BOLD dreams. FLEXIBLE approach.

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If you can’t stop thinking about it — don’t stop working for it.

~ Unknown

Our dreams are a part of us. Our true dreams, heart desires are inseparable from us like our hair color, well, no, sometimes we change hair color, more like the color of our eyes.

So often we give them up. We forget about them. We betray them. We don’t take them seriously.

I always say — you got to be yourself, you got to live your life your way, because that’s the only way you can be happy. Why would you want to make yourself unhappy chasing something that doesn’t make any sense to you, it’s just everyone says that’s what you should do.

I always say there is no ONE right way to live our life. Like there is no one way to eat healthy, or no one way to exercise to be in a great physical shape. We are all unique and different, and what works for me might not work for you, or it might.

But also there is no one right way to dream and reach our dreams. We might have similar dreams but not exactly the same ones, and you might reach your dream one way and start thinking that this is the only way. You might even start preaching it to others.


There are as many ways to reach your dream as there are people on Earth.

Asking for advice has one purpose: get the ideas to try something new. And then you see what works for you, creating your unique solution and way of doing things based on many trials and errors you do.

Our dreams are a part of us. They are inseparable, non-physical part of ourselves that sometimes we forget to acknowledge.

Giving up our dreams is like forgetting that our body needs to breathe. At some point (with breathing it’s a bit faster) we will experience negative effects.

Giving up our dreams can make us sick physically, can make us unhappy and miserable.

Not chasing our dreams makes our life meaningless.

Are you looking for the meaning of life?

It means you are not chasing your dreams, you are not working on something you love, something that is truly you.

A couple of days ago I came across one article about an entrepreneur, a woman who sleeps only 4–6 hours a day, and is perfectly healthy and happy.

Many people believe that you can’t possibly be ok with 4–6 hours of sleep but you know what? You can. If you work on something so dear to your heart that you can’t sleep at night, because you can’t wait to wake up every morning to jump out of bed and start working on it again.

When you love your life and what you do so much, when you feel like you live a life of purpose — you have so much energy you define all laws of physics!

And you can’t fake it. If your heart is not in it, it will never be. No amount of persuasive logical self-talk will help.

Be Bold with your dreams! Never ever give them up.

There always will be times, when it will seem like there is no way you can ever get your dreams. It might seem like somebody was joking, when they gave you your dreams without any real opportunity to reach them.

But the truth is — your mind is the only thing that is between you and your dreams. It’s the only thing. Why?

It makes plans. It limits so dramatically the ways our dreams can come true. Our mind only see what it knows. What was done before. New creative ways of reaching our dreams — they are off limits for our mind. We can imagine our dreams but we can’t know how we will reach them.

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We might have some vague plan how to reach our dreams, maybe a couple of steps we will and can take right now — but I would stop there.

I used to think I got to have 5, 10, 15, 20-year plan for my life to make it work.


We got to have dreams. 5, 10, 15, 20-year dreams. Time doesn’t matter in dream realm. Better not to connect any deadlines to our dreams. It all will happen the best possible way when the time is right.

Dreams give us our values. Dreams give us our priorities. Dreams give us ideas what to do next. Dreams tell us, when to say yes and when to say no.

Don’t check your to-do list, your plan, your values and priorities. Just get really clear about your dreams, your heart desires. Let your dreams be your compass. Visualize your dreams, taste them, smell them, draw them, write them.

The rest will come.

Necessary opportunities, people, ideas, solutions — it will all come to us, when the time is right.

Just check with yourself in the time of choices: does it, what you are about to do, bring you closer to your dreams or further away from them?

And don’t ask your mind — it doesn’t know the answer.

Ask your heart.

When you get quiet and truly listen to the answer, wait for it — it will come. It will be loud and clear.

Things change fast. Don’t make solid inflexible plans — they won’t work, or will make you suffer and waste too much of your energy, when it all could be easy.

BOLD dreams. FLEXIBLE approach. — Make it your mantra.

Don’t be afraid to change plans but NEVER EVER give up on your dreams.

If you can’t stop thinking about it — don’t stop working for it.

~ Unknown

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