I got this new book to read some thought-provoking theories and ideas from the brightest minds out there, a book published by John Brockman (Edge.org), the place to go to smarten up and upgrade your thinking.

EDGE To arrive at the edge of the world’s knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves.

Know This is the book.

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As soon as I opened up the book and looked through the table of contents, I wanted to read a couple of articles on nutrition and health there, and not surprisingly the articles were about the recent transformation of the diet movement, and even food guidelines — unless you live on a deserted island you might have heard the news — fats are good for your health AND your waistline, and fats are here to stay. Carbs are not that great for you as it turns out! Low carb and high fat diets are getting momentum and popularity again, this time with more science facts instead of superficial and, biased by dogma and politics, opinions and observations (hopefully), this time without so many potential side effects, and definitely smarter, without almost religious beliefs about what’s better and why, with some better research supporting nutrition claims, better than “You are what you eat, therefore eating fat makes you fat”, or, my favorite from vegan and raw vegan, vegetarian community, “We look like a monkey, therefore we got to eat like one”, or, “Want to be strong as an elephant? Eat like one, meaning plants, and leaves, and fruits (Few tons of it, obviously, maybe that’s where we are aiming as a society? I wonder, exactly how many tons of plant foods will make you into an elephant-size creature?).

There are a lot of skeptics, who don’t agree, that nutrition is a science at all — I must agree, they have their reasons, prior to now, we had very little tools to scientifically prove any diet theory, the influences were too complex to track often, too contradicting, biased by lifestyle and even our mindset, by our inability to report our actual eating habits VS what we’d like them to be, or honestly, without tracking, believe them to be. But now, nutrition actually might get to become a science, combined with molecular biology, with genetics and epigenetics and latest tech to measure any, even the smallest variation, in our biomarkers. Now we can actually measure in real time how any food effects our blood, our cells and their functions, we can measure energy levels and even brainwaves, we can measure how cell longevity is affected by our lifestyle and our food, we can measure inflammation or allergies caused by any particular food. We can now create a personalized perfect-for-you-at-this-time-and-environment diet! If we start treating nutrition as a science, dropping our personal, dogmatic, almost religious beliefs about food, if we stop looking at the past so much and actually look at what’s going on now inside and outside of our body, not looking to confirm OUR way of eating, OUR beliefs, our comforts, but actually trying to disprove our personal assumptions (That’s how experiments are done properly in science).

Nutrition has a big scientific future! Now bigger than ever!

Back to carbs and fats…

What’s best for you? For us?

Nothing really.

Just like eating PROCESSED carbs in the form of added sugars and sweeteners of all kinds (healthy, organic, all natural etc ) to almost everything we eat got us in trouble and to obesity epidemic, just like that, fats might get us to a worse place, if we start pouring fats all over everything instead of eating WHOLE FATTY FOODS of the best quality, hoping our waistline will magically shrink, when we substitute one processed food for another (oil and butter are not whole foods!), with no regards to our overall food intake, our present health condition and weight, our metabolism, our unique food tolerances and needs, our activity levels, our actual ability and capacity to digest fats in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, from a metabolic perspective lipids (fats) are better to control your weight, insulin and blood sugar, much better! But if you hope to eat a can of cashew or coconut butter daily, pouring olive and coconut oils on everything you eat (even if it’s low and no carb), if you hope to do that, and still lose weight, and get the healthiest and fittest you, with no regards to probably screwed up metabolism and eating habits — stop wasting time trying to fool yourself and get real!

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Don’t eat carbs!

Don’t eat fats!

And don’t eat proteins, as long as we are on the subject, yes, I’m talking to you, protein-shakes-I-need-my-protein nutrition fan!


Start with 3 meals a day and a HUMAN breakfast.

Healthy living trivia

Something to try: every wonder what food is ACTUALLY good for you? Not just your waistline, but ALSO your health, not causing any allergies, inflammatory or auto-immune reactions?
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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health

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