Cause everyone has a different journey…

The world needs YOU.

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We are all HEROES.

Yes, you are too, dear reader.

Heroes of our own stories, our own lives, our own journey.

Yes, you do too have a purpose.

Nobody here is without a reason.

You know why your own life feels like the center stage of a Universal theater?

You know why all your ups and downs feel like the end of the world or the biggest epic victory?

Because for the Universe there is no small journey. There is no small battle. There is no small victory.

Your life, your journey, whatever it is, IS just as important as the one of the most influential and successful people (Whoever they are in your mind).

Your influence and impact on the world might not be recorded or video taped and made into a movie or book ever (Although you can always write a book or make a movie. It’s so cheap these days!). And might not ever have 10 000 000 views on YouTube. But the ripples you spread are no smaller because of it.

Who do you get to interact with daily?

How many people do you pass on the street daily? How many people do you say or not HELLO to daily?

How many people do you give your smile to daily?

How many chances to make someone’s day magical, someone’s day better, because you were in it you get?

To do magic, to make someone’s day special, because you were in it, and took that chance, to make a difference between

“Oh, it was a shitty day, nobody cares, why should I? What’s the point of it all?”


“There are kind people who care in the world and my life does make a difference. I do too have gifts to give that no-one else has. I can too make a difference in someone’s life. Just like this weird happy-about-everything stranger smiling to me did. Life is good. I can make it better. Thank you.”

And you know what else?

You can be one of those HEROES. Who the world knows by name. If you want to.

It’s not the point though.

The point is being your best self and making your dream happen.

That’s your journey. And nobody can travel it for you.

The world needs you. The world needs your gifts. Your life matters. Just like the president’s.

There are no small good deeds. You never know where your ripples will go. You don’t even know your potential. Until you live it.

That’s your only purpose. It will take you everywhere you need to go.

My new podcast is UP!!! Episode this Sunday will be with JNL (Jennifer Nicole Lee)!!! And her story about ZERO-to-HERO journey!!!

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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

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