Creativity. I love it. It scares me. I can’t live without it.

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Creative Sunday is here! according to my blog schedule

And funnily enough — I feel incredibly creative.

The muse came on schedule. — What a surprise! — Had to break a glass bottle for that. another one of my crazy experiments

Or maybe I just don’t know how to schedule creative living. Or how to manage it. Maybe that’s why the muse don’t come to visit more often according to my schedule?

I’m a fan of creativity. I really am.

Every book on creativity — I either read it or it’s on my to-read list.

Anything with the word CREATIVITY draws in my attention.

Pronouncing these words makes me feel better. More alive!

Life and Creativity are one thing for me.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence. Maybe life is creativity and creativity is life?

How can you live a full life without being creative? — You’d be a robot, if you could.

How can you create without living your life fully? — You’d never create anything, that is more than the sum of its parts.

I wrote a lot about creativity. — I think about it often. Check out all the blogs on “Creative Sundays” page.

Every time I stop creating — something, anything — the fountain of my life dries out. Or I start feeling like I’m about to explode.

When we can’t create — there is nothing to express — it means we don’t live life. We don’t say YES!. We don’t take chances. We go through our to-do lists. Checking the boxes. Going through the motions. Putting TRULY OUR life away for “when we get the time” moments.

Yesterday I got a comment on this picture:

“Hi do you find the time?”

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In reply to my original post:

“That’s how I learn patience and attention to detail. 3 hours of work.”

You know, it’s not like I found some time lying around unattended.

You know, the day has 24 hours regardless of who you are or what you do. It never changes. For anyone.

No one FINDS the time. Everyone MAKES the time for things important. Sometimes we all forget, that we are the ones in charge of our lives, of what we do with life and how we spend our time, where we invest our time. Time is the ultimate currency. Each day each of us wakes up and gets a new deposit. 24 hours.

What you gonna do with it?

Some people cash it out and with no plan wander through their day, purposelessly spending the time capital on the things, that come their way in some order, not necessarily the best or more beneficial. People wander, stuffing the room of their lives with… well, meaningless stuff, that doesn’t add true quality or lasting joy and satisfaction. There is always an “urgent” something to spend our time on. Someone else’ MUST (Often that someone is our own Should-List, or what I like to call it “Shit-I-got-to-do List”). Always. The world doesn’t stop spinning. Even for a moment. Faster and faster. “There is never nothing going on”. Never was. In the information age we are just more aware of the things that have always been going on.

BUT. Some people have a plan. They know what they want their life to… feel like. And they spend/invest their time capital accordingly. They “miss out” on a lot of stuff, stuff that has NO and will have NO meaning to them. But when the right stuff comes around, Oh boy! We indulge! We can spend our whole deposit on it, cause we know it’s gonna feel good now, and many many days after. It will create a ripple effect. It will transform our life. It will grow exponentially like the best investment plan you can think of. When we get to something we love — we are never cheap, we’ll spend it all like there is no tomorrow, because it’ll pay off infinity.

I didn’t FIND 3 hours. I DECIDED to spend it — THE WAY I WANTED.

And guess what? Today feels so inspired! So in the flow! So productive! So creative! So passionful! So lifeful!

I look at this piece of just-started art, passing my altar of creativity, and my heart is giggling like a kid. I pick it up. I touch it. I wanna do more. I want to create, creATE, CREATE! My hands are itchy for more.

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And I go back and write. And work. And connect. Ideas flow through me — they know I’m there for good ones to spend all my time capital. Ideas love that! They love the crazy ones, who in the world of productivity and time management are ready to indulge in purposeless pursuit of creative creation of god-knows-only-maybe-what. They will take all of you, all of your time, if you allow. That’s why it’s important to be firm sometimes, to set constraints and boundaries — so that the shit you got to do gets done too. And your conscious mind is more willing to give in to your creative adventures.

If you don’t have the time to do something creative today, something, that will give you no guarantees whatsoever of any rewards, and in fact, might make you feel like a total loser wasting your time on something you are not even good at and might never become good at — you’ll never FIND that time. And you might, very well, end up with some shit that you’ll never be able to show to anyone — you won’t even look at it yourself ever again. You might, very well, come up with un ugly duckling that will serve NO purpose… except it will give a chance to your creative genius to come up with something extraordinary one day. WOW! kind of something.

Don’t look at what I do — I never stopped drawing in my 28 years of life. I never stopped writing. Even if it’s just a crappy sentence in my journal or some doodle on a piece of toilet paper — I never stopped. SO. I come up with good stuff sometimes now. But I also still have lots of random something, that is ordinary, at best.


You got a deposit of 24 hours.

Spend some of it (or all of it) on whatever it is you want to do creatively. Whatever will make you giggle with excitement. Whatever will make your eyes sparkle like these tiny little colored glass tiles I got for my flower project.

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If not today — when???

Do you SERIOUSLY believe in today’s ever expanding world of more you’ll ever get some free time lying around???!!!

Seriously???!!! You think so???!!!

Create. CreATE! CREATE!!!

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