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I’m a Badass and a Sweet Tushie

I’m a Pink Diva and a Techno Geek

I’m a Tough Cookie with a Soft Heart

Your Sweetest Dream and the Darkest Nightmare

Angelically looking Devil with Good Intentions.

The moment you think you Figured Me Out, I’m the Opposite

Not to piss you off, although that might be the case too,

But because, It’s Life, Baby.

The Harder I fall, the Higher I fly

The Harder the Lesson, the Better I Learn

I’m the Dark Side of the Light Day

And the Bright Side of the Dark Night.

Today I’m up, Tomorrow I’m down

And in-between — I’m Zen…

Opposites = Energy and Movement.

Balance and Stills = Dead End.

Good with No Bad = Non-Fat Sugar-Free Taste-Free Ice-Cream.

Perfect World, Perfect People, Perfect Life — Boredom.

I’d rather have 5 minutes in My Imperfect World, than Eternity in Your Perfect Fantasy.

You tell me You’All Good? — Don’t Bore me — Get Real

I don’t need what you’re proud of, I need All the Colors of You

Black and White, and the Whole F*ing Rainbow.

So You’re an Angel? Where do You Walk Your Dark Side?

I want to Taste — Sweet and Sour.

I want to Hear — Loud and Quiet.

I want to Feel — Smooth and Rough.

I want to Play — Soft and Tough.

I want to See — Dark and Bright.

I want to Live — Day AND Night.

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Coach. Nutrition. Health. Weight Loss. Flexible Keto. Food Consultant. HEALTH FOUNDATION - FREE 📧EMAIL COURSE

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