Design the life you love living. 6 actions a day. The SACRED kind of actions.

“The Sacred Six” by JB Glossinger.

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“The Sacred Six process is a way for your entire life to work more efficiently and for you to stay focused on the things you need to do every day to pursue your dreams.”

“The Sacred Six process isn’t about only yourself. As you achieve your goals, you will become a guiding light for others”

“I created the Sacred Six to provide a simple yet comprehensive system for achieving your goals and recovering your dreams. In the chapters to come I take you step-by-step from defining your dreams to creating a plan for realizing them to putting your plan into action so you can move steadily toward your life’s mission every day.”

“Sacred Six can help you end your wandering and focus on what’s important to you right now.”

“So six is the key number. The Sacred Six is a transformational process that helps you narrow your focus to the six projects you will be working on at any given time. Anything that is not on that list, you don’t do. The result is that you will go from experiencing chaos and frustration to making energetic and measurable daily progress on your most important goals.”

Just finished reading. Consumed it almost instantly.

Rarely you find a combination of fascinating stories, great writing, self-development concepts made practical and simple, applied spirituality — all in one book.

Fast read. Everything is on theme. Nothing distracts you from the main purpose of the book — teaching you to build the life you love living aligned with your life mission, your values, your priorities. The outcome: action plan — goals made into projects made into daily actions.

I don’t think I’ve ever read before such a clear life-improvement plan. It all makes sense. The plan takes care of the goals, of the outcomes we want in our life, of our life satisfaction, our happiness, our well-being, of effective time-management and productivity, of our life full of peace and fulfillment. It all comes down to working on our Six Sacred goals, Six Sacred projects, Six Sacred daily tasks. Nothing difficult or complicated. Lots of focus. Art of prioritization. Simple. Grounded. Effective.

“A focused horse performs better. So does a focused person.”

I remember reading that mastery is when what you do seems easy to others.

And JB makes life mastery look easy and manageable in the Sacred Six book.


Can’t we all state our life mission?

No, don’t get scared, life mission here is not your ultimate life purpose — No.

“The beautiful thing about your mission is that it doesn’t have to be the entire book of your life, simply the next chapter.”

“I prefer to think of mission as simply the next experience or set of experiences you want to have in your life.

Whatever your mission, the point is that it calls you to slow down and identify your real purpose. What are you moving toward?”

“Why? Is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. When you discover your whys in life, you uncover your mission, your true motivation.”

“That is one reason it is so important to have a mission: It can sustain you through those times when you think that nothing is working and you’re ready to give up.”

“The key is to focus on what drives you. Think of it as your assignment in life. Your mission will give you energy, even on down days. By taking the time to define your mission you are already ahead of millions of people who haven’t even given it a thought.”

Life mission is something you want to dedicate your time and energy to now. Your biggest project at this stage of your life. That is nothing extraordinary and grand aka overwhelming.

Mission is done.

Then you got to define your values.


In other words you need to ask yourself a simple question, “What is important to me?”

JB writes, “My own values are spirituality, family, freedom, prosperity, and peace…When I am faced with a decision, the first thing I do is make sure that what I decide is aligned with my values.”

Values are like our internal compass. They help us to stay aligned with the direction we want to move towards.

Don’t we all know what is important to us? When we really ask ourselves, when we take time to think about it, isn’t it easy to feel what is essential to our happiness and well-being and what is not?

So defining values is an easy thing to do as well.

And there might be many things that are important to us but we need to focus attention, energy, our time to be the most effective and fulfilled in life.

Narrow down your values to the six most important to you right now, to the Sacred Six.

Then, next step is breaking down our mission into separate goals. Goals are the transition between our vision, our mission, we defined earlier, to something more tangible, something we will work on daily. We got to define goals before moving to projects and daily tasks.

“the main focus is on mission goals — those that move you in the direction of your mission, the focus of your life at present”

We defined the mission/direction, we defined values — compass that’s gonna keep us moving toward our mission, and now we are putting in place stepping stones on the path towards our mission — goals.


We should write down the goals we believe will help us manifest our mission into reality.

“Good goals” or SMART goals.

“For a goal to be good, it should be: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely.”

First we write down all the goals. Then we focus and choose the six most important goals, the Sacred Six. Most important for now. Life is a process — we got to stay open and flexible to possible changes. So don’t feel overwhelmed — choose what seems the most important at the moment, if at some point you’ll feel a need to make changes, you can always do that — you have free will to design the exact life you want to live.

We all have limited amount of attention, energy, time — so prioritization is an absolute necessity.

“Life is like that: It is not static — it is dynamic. And your life mission is likely to change. Events happen and realizations arise that redirect your focus.”

“As you continue through the Sacred Six process, it is essential to be flexible, to maintain your ability to change — and change quickly — if required.”

Choose six goals you want to work on right now.

“If you are having trouble setting goals, just focus on your next experience for now. What do you want to experience next in life? Write that down along with some steps to get there. You can build from there.”

Then next step –


Break down each goal into simple projects, as many as you can think of now.

Choose six projects to work on. The Sacred Six. Focus your energy.

“Do you ever feel as if you are so busy that you can’t get anything done? This is the busy disease”

“Focus on activities that are going to take you to your dreams.”

“You can’t be working on everything at the same time. Remember, in projects, six is the magic number. Most of us cannot focus on more than six at one time.”

Projects can be small — the ones you can finish in an hour, or big — the ones that might take weeks or months.

Daily Tasks.

Then we start working on our daily plans. Break down projects you decided to work on into daily steps/tasks. Six steps a day. The Sacred Six. Start with the most important and work your way down the list.

Focus. Prioritization. Every step of the way.

“Prioritization is one of the most important concepts in all aspects of the Sacred Six process.”

“organize your life so you are moving toward your goals on a daily basis”

And here we go.

Simple actionable plan that comes down to six daily actions/tasks to design the life we love living.

The Sacred Six.

  1. Mission.
  2. Values.
  3. Goals.
  4. Projects.
  5. Daily Actions/Tasks.
  6. Alignment. (All elements of our life-design working together).

Nothing complicated. Simple. Manageable.

The book goes into lots of details on each step — lots of stories from JB’s personal life, stories from people, whose life JB changed through Morning Coach casts (daily motivational morning coach casts), where he talks about different challenges we all face and how to overcome them — I’ve been listening to Morning Coach through the most challenging times of my life.

Lots of exercises and tools to help you stay focused, be at peace, uncover your mission, your values, learn how to set goals, design projects and work on daily tasks.

Such a beautiful book! Easy read and so much value!

You can read the book in a few hours and start designing the life you love living right away. Today.

What are you waiting for?

Pick up your copy!





Get the book

Read it

Live the life you love


“Now is the only time we truly have, so be in the moment and feel peace.”

“All you really have to work with is this moment. The only real time is now.”

“Don’t let anyone steal your dream. I know sometimes it may not seem as though it is going to come true. I know there will be times, probably many times, when it will be hard to believe in your dream. You may curse God, you may curse yourself, you may even curse life itself, but don’t let your dream die.”

“My point here is unless your dream is utterly beyond reason, then you must not give up. Miracles happen. I know you are smart enough to separate the truly impossible from what you may be framing as impossible when, with hard work, it is not.”

“Focus on moving forward. Focus on your dreams. Get your Sacred Six in place. The world needs your energy, talent, and love. This is what is going to make a difference for you and the world around you.”

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