Don’t Do Your Best. DO WHAT IT TAKES

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Facing another challenge in my life I committed to doing my best.

Of course. Don’t we all do that? And do we always get what we truly want?

I started thinking, using one of the principles I learned from “How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci” book. What if “doing my best” is biased too?

After all “doing my best” is based on what I believe my best is, right? And that is based on my past experience. It means that my best is what I was capable of doing in the past, and might not necessarily be my best at the moment. Not the best I’m capable of. What I believe my best is might very well be far from my best.

I truly believe that life provides the exact challenges we can handle at the moment, and if we don’t succeed, it is because of our false believes what our best is.

Working out, stretching teaches me a lot about false “my best”.

Some days, when I stretch, when I look at the flexibility goal I want to achieve, I think: “Oh, I will never be able to do that, or to stretch that much, or to do that perfect head stand etc.” But then I start practicing with determination to reach that goal and BUM!, one day it happens.

I believe our desires, things that we truly want, things we have burning desire for are given to us for a reason. They are given to us, so we could surpass “our best”.

“Our best” is a tricky thing. It’s based on what we and very often the world around us believe, we are capable of. We, and the world around us see ourselves as a finished product, but we are not. We are work in progress. What we are capable of, what is our best, nobody can predict. Sometimes we can make improvements gradually, sometimes something will make us improve exponentially.

I don’t think I’m satisfied with my best anymore.

I want certain things in life and I want them now. I know that some desires and goals are truly mine, they come from my heart, they stayed with me for years.

I love this phrase: “If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.”

Maybe now is the time to stop doing my best and start getting things done? Upgrading myself from “my best” to my true self that is capable of miracles and exponential growth provided the right mindset.

One of my role models, person I truly admire is Richard Branson. I love his attitude “Screw it! Let’s do it!”. I read his autobiography and never ever I saw in the book a phrase similar to “well, I’ll just do my best”. No, Richard Branson had dreams that excited him, that kept him awake at night. He had no doubts that he would succeed reaching them, and look where it got him! I wonder what would happen, if he just leisurely defined his limits and decided to “do his best” and surrender the rest.

If we want something, if we truly have burning desire for something we got to do what it takes, not “our best”. Our best is changing concept and nobody, even we, know what our best truly is. We can’t base our life on that.

One thing I truly want to learn today and apply for the rest of my life, thing I want you to learn and apply with me:

Recipe for Success: Don’t do your best. Do what it takes.

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