Eat whole foods. Measure fats. Keep your meals boring.

A simple life-long best-shape-of-your-life program that actually works.

There’s no magic weight loss diet where you can eat unlimited calories any day every day and still lose weight.

I see this every day in my practice, when people share with me their failing attempts to lose weight.

Rule 1: Eat Whole Foods.

What is whole and why it matters?
  • b) Meal Timing — don’t eat 3 hours before bed to optimize sleep, gut health and fat-burning metabolism. Eat 3 meals. Eat on time. The more meals you eat — the more food you have to manage, the more challenging fat loss and best shape of your life become. Eating when appetite or hunger come isn’t a great strategy to maintain ideal body weight. Sticking with meal times at all times is.

Rule 2: Manage Fats.

And by fats I mean 2 things. Foods that are mostly fat by calories — from nuts and seeds, avocados and olives to lard and cheese and nut butters and olive oil.

Rule 3: Keep Your Meals Boring.

You see, except for special occasions, it’s in your best interests to like your food but not too much. You shouldn’t be super excited about any of your meals or snacks, otherwise you simply end up overeating on a regular basis. That’s just how our brains are wired — seeking pleasure and dense calories all the time.

Eat whole foods. Manage fats. Keep your meals boring.

A couple of extra tips that are very useful in everyday life, when you are bombarded with unlimited exciting food triggers.

  • Never make food decisions and choices at night. Never go shopping at night. If you need something — get it in the morning or do with what you have. Not sure what to eat for dinner? Decide in the morning or once a week preplan it.
  • A restaurant night out? Have a plan in advance — what will you choose? What will you say no to? For me it’s a no to a bread basket, eat a salad first, eat lots of protein with non-starchy veg, if dessert — shared.
  • Eat slowly and with zero distractions. Just eat. Research shows — the more distracted with other things we are — conversations, emails, Netflix, loud music, browsing social media — the more we’ll eat and the less satisfied we’ll be with our meals. And our digestion not gonna be that good.


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