Eat whole foods. Measure fats. Keep your meals boring.

There’s no magic weight loss diet where you can eat unlimited calories any day every day and still lose weight.

Rule 1: Eat Whole Foods.
  • a) Best Meal Formula — to maximize satiety, optimize blood sugar, and get adequate amounts of all nutrients I always recommend building your plate around good portion of protein-rich foods, lots of colorful non-starchy veggies, raw and cooked, and either a starchy carb like sweet potato or whole beans or grains, or a whole food fat source like avocados or olives or some nuts.
  • b) Meal Timing — don’t eat 3 hours before bed to optimize sleep, gut health and fat-burning metabolism. Eat 3 meals. Eat on time. The more meals you eat — the more food you have to manage, the more challenging fat loss and best shape of your life become. Eating when appetite or hunger come isn’t a great strategy to maintain ideal body weight. Sticking with meal times at all times is.

Rule 2: Manage Fats.

Rule 3: Keep Your Meals Boring.

Eat whole foods. Manage fats. Keep your meals boring.

  • Food-shop with a list, in the morning, once a week — to make the best choices and avoid temptations easily.
  • Never make food decisions and choices at night. Never go shopping at night. If you need something — get it in the morning or do with what you have. Not sure what to eat for dinner? Decide in the morning or once a week preplan it.
  • A restaurant night out? Have a plan in advance — what will you choose? What will you say no to? For me it’s a no to a bread basket, eat a salad first, eat lots of protein with non-starchy veg, if dessert — shared.
  • Eat slowly and with zero distractions. Just eat. Research shows — the more distracted with other things we are — conversations, emails, Netflix, loud music, browsing social media — the more we’ll eat and the less satisfied we’ll be with our meals. And our digestion not gonna be that good.




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