Fat/Ketogenic Diet. My Simple Dinner. Photo Shoot in 3 Days!!!

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Most days I don’t like to spend much time in the kitchen, but I still want to eat the best food available and be in the top shape for upcoming photo shoots — you never know when those coming. Better be ready!

I also like to eat big satisfying healthy meals. And have some small indulgences.

I want to have it all! Don’t you?

And I want to eat simple. Not counting every single calorie! And not going hungry or low on energy.

That is what my dinner looked like today.

Total cooking time: 15 minutes.


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Dark leaf lettuce

Cherry tomatoes


Spring onions

Coconut milk mixed with lemon juice for dressing

Steamed fish

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And something else. I don’t always know what kind of fish I’m eating in Brazil, but as long as it fresh, good quality — I eat it.


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(I couldn’t live without my piece of heaven daily! Chocolate! Loving it! And why not?)

Small healthy dark chocolate bar

I’m totally satisfied and feeling amazing!

And it tasted SOOO good!

Low carb/High Fat. Delicious! So good!

And so fast!

3 more days till photo shoot. I can totally live on this diet getting as lean as I want being totally satisfied with my meals!


Went to the healthy food store.

Picked up some healthy snacks to try

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