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It was a rainy morning.

It was dark and unwelcoming outside.

Get up — dress up — work out.

After my morning meditation, I got out on the familiar New York street and went to the gym.

I had one hell of a workout!

Some of us are held back by external circumstances, like rain, like storm, like too much Sun, too many opinions.

Most of us are held back in life by our inner weather.

As I was going through another set of walking lunges I thought, I could have stayed home today, prolonging my chosen vacation from weight training for another day, but there wasn’t a thought in mind about skipping today’s workout because of the rain, there was a thought about skipping this workout because it’s too dark, I can do it later, I can do something tomorrow, I got million other things to do, I need my sleep… I don’t want to get up and do what’s on my bold to-do list.

Got up — dressed up — worked out.

I had hell of a workout.

And I couldn’t figure out, what was so difficult in getting up today? Was it my fear, trying to hold be back from life? From this day full of small personal and business challenges? From growth into the unknown and challenging the uncomfortable, conquering new territories of my personal discomfort zone? Was it fear, holding me back from success, thinking it was holding me back from danger?

Where is YOUR fear holding you back today? Every minute? Every second? Every time you try to give more, give all of yourself, give it your best? Every time you want to make a decision to start something new, even a new diet, just because you are afraid it’s gonna be a waste of your time, another failure under your belt? New job, new relationship… every time you try to reach out more, be more open to strangers, ask uncomfortable questions, go first, start and give it all holding back exactly nothing.

Where is your fear holding you back today?

Not going full speed, not going all in, giving it all, losing yourself in the work you love, in pursuit of visions that are still to be built, not giving it all you got, because you are afraid you’re not gonna have enough, enough energy, enough motivation, enough support, resources… you?

Where is your fear holding you back today?

What you don’t use — you lose.

Gym. The muscles you don’t use, you’re not gonna have more of them by preserving them, letting them rest never putting them through real challenges. The only way you gonna have more muscles and more endurance — by tearing it all down, challenging, wearing them off, demanding more every single move! That’s how you get more muscles, more strength, more endurance.

That’s how you get more energy and more motivation for your best work and your best life, your best self — by demanding more, taking challenging actions you didn’t think you are capable of, by tearing down your old skills, using it all, till the very last drop you thought you had, by emptying the cup of present you completely. That’s how you get your cup filled again, with more energy, with more motivation, with more skills to do better work.

What you don’t use — you lose.

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Thailand, 4 or 5 years ago. I barely could walk up this hill after my motorbike accident — broken ribs, broken shoulder blade, punctured lung. I had to sit down, not to enjoy the sunrise, but to get my breath back. Back then I had no fear, I didn’t ask anyone if I could, not even myself, I just did. Where and when did this fear crept up on me, building a cage I never noticed, the cage I didn’t question?

Healthy living trivia

1. Great to know: Whole Foods Definition — whole, real food is food with nothing bad added to it, nothing good taken away from it.

2. Something to try: as summer is almost here and it’s time to be the healthiest and fittest you, I’ve decided to go on a whole-foods-only diet for more health, better physical and mental shape, better performance and better life! Feeling great already! No oils, butters, shakes and supplements — just the transformative power of whole foods! Join me?!
Here is my breakfast, plus a handful of walnuts and a few broccoli florets (I ate them before I thought of a picture!). I’ll be mastering the art of omelet soon! FUN!!! :)

3. Feeling dizzy and light-headed during workouts?: electrolyte imbalance is the most probable cause. NOT the need for more carbs and food. Seriously!

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4. My workout: another mini one is tonight!!!

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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health



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