Fitness Model Body Simply Fast.

3 meals a day. What are they?

I’m not trying to say, that quitting all your junk eating and overeating habits at once, with all the unlimited tempting choices and never-stopping-eating people around is easy in any way. No, it’s not. Quitting any habit, especially addictive one, especially the one you can’t quit all together (you can’t just stop eating for life like stop smoking), quitting and changing any habit is hard. But possible, when it’s really important for you.

To make the hard thing doable — you MUST make it simple.

Simple-Hard works.

Complicated-Hard does not.

For building habits, that’s the ONLY way it works.

With so many nutritional theories out there, what’s a sure simple way to get leaner, fitter, stronger, to lose fat fast, building muscle, to feel full at the same time and take care of your health and energy levels, to feel alive and happy?

What’s the simplest way to get a fitness model body in the shortest amount of time, keeping your sanity and health?

It’s been figured out long time ago. That’s what fitness models and body physique competitors do to get lean for a competition, if they choose a healthy approach. It works for anyone. Literally.

What’s this magical simple method?

What kind of meals?

If I were to make it REALLY simple for ANYONE, on a journey to fitness model body like physique, I’d tell them the next thing.

Eat 3 times a day.

Build your EVERY meal around 2 things: protein source, unlimited non-starchy vegetables.

Protein source: fish, meat, eggs — portion size is your palm or 2 eggs.

Vegetables: unlimited non-starchy vegetables cooked in whatever way you want.

Complimentary: limit additional source of calories to a handful of nuts or olives, or ¼ avocado per meal, or 30 g of (95–100%) dark chocolate, 1 tb sp of olive, coconut, avocado oil. Herbs, spices: unlimited.

Drinks: non-caloric green or other teas, coffee, water (you can add lemon/lime juice to your water).


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It works. It’s simple. Anyone can figure that one out.

You don’t need to count anything. You can still have huge portions, since vegetables are unlimited. You’ll feel satisfied, because it is not a low fat diet. And most importantly, you’ll feel so much better and look like a fitness model pretty soon (depends on where you start, be realistic, but results will come pretty fast).

Fatty fish like sardines, mackerel, salmon, anchovies, herring is probably the best source of protein out there, because it’ also anti-inflammatory and provides you with so much needed and essential for health Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. (Sardines and herring are proven to be one amazing food for longevity, as well as the best source for your Omega-3 fatty acids that your brain needs and loves)

Forget chicken and tuna, unless you have no choice, because that is proven to be contaminated with all kind of heavy metals, toxins and poisons.

Organ meat of grass-fed or wild animals is also amazing, the fattier the better.

Here is the list of the best vegetables — you can just google non-starchy vegetables.

I’m not saying you got to stay on this diet forever to stay lean and healthy. Not at all. Even though I have no problems sticking with vegetables + fatty protein formula (allowing myself a bit more nuts, avocadoes, 100% dark chocolate, oils and butters, delicious low carb healthy desserts like avocado chocolate mousse or coconut blueberry sugar free ice-cream I make), I don’t get bored, because I change the vegetables all the time, my fatty protein, the way I cook it — I add variety and experiment all the time.

I’m not saying you can never eat whatever it is you love to eat, but for the time being, when you want to see the results for sure fast — stay on it and then, once you get the body you want, you can easily allow yourself occasional sensible indulgences. Nothing wrong with enjoying some less ideal for your six pack but incredibly delicious and pleasurable treats sometimes.

3 meals a day.

Unlimited non-starchy vegetables


protein (fatty is better for health and satiety) =

Fitness Model Body

Complimentary: handful of nuts OR ¼ avocado OR handful of olives OR 30 g of 90–100% dark chocolate, 1 tbsp of olive, macadamia, coconut, avocado oil. Herbs, spices: unlimited.


Healthy living trivia

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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health

And here is an extra Bite of Health.

How Carbohydrate Intolerance Works

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Why you should listen (to learn) –

What is carbohydrate intolerance? Do each of us have a personal tolerance or intolerance of carbohydrates? Does this also vary by source of carbohydrate? Learn how evolutionary tools may explain appetite regulation and carbohydrate metabolism and offer ways to regain carb tolerance through diet and lifestyle modifications.

In this episode, we explore how carbohydrate intolerance works. We look at the evolutionary template (basically the Paleo template), neuroregulation of appetite, carbohydrate tolerance, insulin resistance and sensitivity, and the factors that drive all of these.

Once the person is insulin resistant, particularly when they are heading down this road towards prediabetes and potentially diabetes, there is without a doubt one intervention that seems to work remarkably well. That’s reducing carbohydrate level to a point where it’s no longer toxic to the individual.”
— Robb Wolf

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