Flat belly anyone? ALL MEAT DIET. Am I crazy?

If you want to lose fat fast, getting better.

When I tell people, who absolutely need to lose fat fast — for a wedding, for a competition, for a family or school reunion, for that special date or to simply boost motivation and believe in yourself again, that indeed you can lose that stubborn fat and flatten your stomach, that yes indeed you can feel and look better, you are not broken, when I tell people, who need to improve health, get more energy and feel alive again, and who are not exactly feeling like eating nothing, juicing or doing cleanses, and not feeling like becoming a food calculator, counting every piece of food that goes into their mouth — calories in calories out, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, good VS bad, fattening VS slimming…

Are you dizzy yet just thinking about it all?

So are a lot of people.

I hated that! When I thought that was the only way to lose fat and change my body the way I wanted — to count calories, starve myself, deprive myself of everything I liked, … deprive myself of life.

Nobody showed me a better way back then, nobody told me there was a different way, most people still believe it’s the only way.

When I tell people, that they can lose few pounds or kilos really fast without starving and counting calories eating all meat diet, zero carbs diet, eating only animal products like fish, beef, chicken, organ meats and fattier cuts with skin and all the good saturated fat (yes! GOOD saturated fat!), dairy products like cream and butter, whole eggs, they think I’m crazy, and it’s not possible, and it’s bad for you and the planet!

But think about it…

Before meat and all the animal products with all this “bad” saturated fat became bad, before all that, meat, fish, butter and cream was just food, another food that people ate, and nobody was getting obese and sick from it.

Doctors, nutritionists, physicians in the 20th century would recommend their patients to go on all meat diet (of course all organic, grass-fed and none of the hormones, antibiotics and chemicals that go into a lot of food these days), to go on all meat diet to treat conditions like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. A side effect of the treatment was considerable and fast weight loss, especially noticeable in the midsection.

“The patients who followed these all-meat diets rapidly lost weight from their midsections and improved their blood sugar and blood pressure problems if they had them. Calculations of cholesterol in all its various permutations was still decades away, but both doctors even used the all-meat diet for their patients with heart disease without problem. The all-meat diet proved to be a safe, filling, rapid way to help patients lose abdominal fat while improving their health. And remember, one of these diets was developed to treat GI problems, the other to treat allergies. The rapid weight loss that followed was a surprising, but welcome side effect.

You see with just a glance at [our suggested meal plans] that we’ve included fatty cuts of meat, chicken with the skin, bacon, eggs, butter, coconut oil, organic lard, and heavy cream in the plan. Aren’t we worried that these foods will increase your risk of heart disease and raise your cholesterol? In a word, nope. In fact, we encourage you to make these important fats a regular part of your healthy diet. Why? Because humans need them and here are just a few reasons why.”

7 Reasons to Eat More Saturated Fat (The whole article)

All meat diet helps you to decrease cardiovascular risk factors, gives you stronger bones, healthy liver, healthy brain and nervous system, healthy lungs and respiratory system, strong immune system, all because of all the saturated fat, not protein.

But besides that, as a side effect, you suddenly, without starving yourself and counting every calorie, lose all the fat you wanted to lose and finally see your belly flatten out, without doing thousands of crunches and spending hours on a treadmill. And you feel your energy levels rising, mood improving — you feel alive again!

And before you start criticizing the method, getting all religious about meat and saturated fat — read the article written by two physicians (working independently discovering the same truth), do more research, if needed, and consider the fact, that I’m not suggesting you to stay on all meat diet your whole life — although some people swear by it, I’m suggesting you to try (even just a few days will give you noticeable results) a simple method that might change your life, a simple method to change your body the way you want — lose a few pounds or kilos of fat, flatten your belly, make yourself shine with life again.

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


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