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“Cheese or avocado?

I’m trying to lose weight, and wondering what fat is best for me to eat?”

I was asked at the reception at 24-hourfitness gym this Tuesday morning.

In the past I made this video , after reading Deep Nutrition book by Kate Shanahan, a video about food, being an information source for our genes, food being a signal-message, that tells our genes to express certain qualities by turning on and off genes.

Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food by Kate Shanahan, MD.

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Somebody commented then, that this is some woo-woo science, and food is simply broken down into fats, proteins, carbs and other substances, that our body uses or excretes from the system. That no matter, where those substances come from, our body can metabolize and use them the same way. Basically meaning, that if you eat your protein (broken down into amino-acids in the body) from hemp seeds, or from steak (from a cow, that was fed grains and didn’t move much), you will get the same kind of effect, when it comes to protein.

Or, it also means, that a calorie is a calorie, no matter where those calories come from.

But just like you can’t separate your arm from your body to analyze health in one part of the body VS the WHOLE, because it’s a WHOLE system and anything happening in one part affects all the rest of the system. The same way you can’t separate the WHOLE effect of a certain food, the environment where your food grew, the food your food consumed, the water, the fiber, the vitamins and minerals — everything that in a food WHOLE package will work together to create synergetic effect on your body. It will ALL effect your WHOLE body. It’s not going to be just broken down, it will all work together in chemical molecular reactions, creating one of a kind combination of influences, that will affect your health, metabolism, energy levels in a certain way.

To put it simply, calories and fats from cheese (quality of cheese matters also) and from avocado will have totally different effects in you.

It all matters! The whole package.

Your cells will get the information from food molecules about the environment, where it grew. Plus, don’t you think, that a sick cow, that was raised barely moving, being fed sickening substances, will produce the same exact meat, as a healthy cow, who was raised on a pasture grazing grass enjoying sunshine?

Would you grow up the same eating McDonalds VS whole foods from the farm? Not even taking into account other lifestyle factors.

Food is information for your cells, for your genes.

People ask me often about how many calories, fats, proteins, carbs they need to consume to get the health, body and energy they want.

People often ask me, what food is better, like this morning, I was asked what fat is better, cheese or avocado (like it was ONLY fat)?

And even though at the beginning it’s important to simplify it, for consistent results and consistent improvements, progress we got to dig deeper and start asking better questions.

It’s not the fats, carbs, proteins only.

It’s not cheese or avocado only.

It’s not plant-based or animal protein-rich foods.

It’s about the quality. It’s about the quantity.

Where did your food “grow up”?

How was it raised?

What did it eat?

Is it organic cheese? From what kind of animal? Cow? What cow? On what farm? Is dairy even good for YOU? For YOUR genes?

Are the greens in your salad fresh and pesticides-free? Or?

Is the fish you are about to eat mercury free? Fresh? Well preserved? Wild caught? Or farm-antibiotics-hormones-fed?

All those factors will end up creating the quality of your food and eventually the quality of you. Because every environmental factor gets recorded in your food source on molecular and genetic level, that later will be read by your molecules and genes, that will create a version of you (Molecule by molecule you are being renewed every 7 years).

Food is simple.

Treat your food well — the best environment and nutrients — and the food will be good for you.

What we need to understand and talk about more is:


Not everything we can chew, swallow and poop out without dying on the spot, is our food suited for long-term consumption.


It’s not just the type of food and carbs, calories, fats and proteins. Every single detail, that went into food “creation”, will be translated by your genes, that then will create a highly functional you, or a faulty you, that breaks down every now and then.

So it’s not about cheese or avocado, or even different kinds of fats in them. And fiber or no fiber. It’s about, what cow (if it was a cow) did the cheese come from? Where did that avocado grow and how?

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You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

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