Get weird. Be unique. Live YOUR life. Today.

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A new week.

Fresh start. Fresh beginning.


I personally love Mondays! I just love love Mondays!


Because every single Monday I feel like I get a new chance to leap after my dreams. And I have a whole week ahead of me to make steps towards my next dream, my new aspiring goal.

I love to begin things.

Often we feel overwhelmed by Mondays because we are not doing what we really want to do — there are lots of have-to-dos on our to-do lists and too few I-want-to-dos. Things we got to start on Mondays — they are not exciting for us, they are boring, heavy, life-sucking!

I can’t wait to get started this week!


I get to live the life I want to live!

No matter how imperfect — no idea how I’ll get to make a living in a new city even though I know I will make an extraordinary life for myself here, no idea how I’ll get my projects done, no idea what I’ll be doing in a week even or what challenges I’ll have to overcome, no idea what kind of people I’ll meet here, no idea if I make good friends and create a beautiful community of like-minded beautiful souls here, no idea if I get to have a romantic relationship with a man I love — I have no idea about 99% of the things in my life now! But you know what? I get to choose how I spend my days every single moment — and no one can tell me what to do, how to fill my days, what to think, what to say, when to go to bed and wake up, what to eat and how to look like.

I don’t have any have-to-dos. But I have many many get-to-dos. And I can’t wait to get started! Lots of hard work too — but the work I choose and enjoy, and that makes all the difference.

That’s why I guess I wake up so damn early — 3 am. I can’t wait to start my day and dive into all the amazing things I get to do this day and all the possibilities that await me, and all the lessons I get to learn to expand my mind and my understanding, to get new questions. I can’t wait to meet all the amazing people life will bring into my life — like a girl who I sat next to on the plane to NYC who managed somehow to find me on social media and with who we plan some NYC wandering. There is no shortage of amazing people in every single moment of our lives — there is shortage of our ability to stay open to see the amazingness in each person we encounter daily.


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Michele, a friend from Italy I met in Brazil through a coaching group we are both in, me, wandering, talking. We talked about how amazing it is that we can meet all the people we admire here randomly or on purpose. New York is the city of people. Amazing people. The city of beautiful random encounters with the most important people of our life. And I’m not talking about some celebrity type of people. Absolutely everyone is amazing, not just well-known people. Everyone has their unique amazingness built-in. After our city wandering with Michele, when I got home, I thought to myself — there are millions of people in the world I admire for the work they do, for their greatness, but I wouldn’t choose to spend my evening any other way tonight — wandering, talking, laughing, telling stories, exploring, sharing the moment with another beautiful soul, another amazingly great human being who does great work in the world, even though it’s not well-known, and even though he doesn’t think he’s doing anything worth mentioning.

Every day is a miracle we get to live. A miracle that unfolds in front of us in myriads of ways we can’t predict. A miracle that makes our life beautiful, rich, flavorful, interesting and breathtaking, awe-giving. Isn’t it amazing?

And all we got to do to receive that gift, that miracle — open our eyes and minds to the present moment, the moment, the only place where life happens.

I guess this week is going to have a deep meaning.

Since I moved to NYC everything feels special, with deeper meaning, deeper dimension. Funny how a place can change you, or maybe bring out what was there but needed a favorable environment to sprout?

There is this funny thought I have often in NYC, “I like Angela in NYC — she is fun, more fun than ever, I like spending time with that Angela”.

This week is especially special for me, because it’s the first full week in NYC! The city of my becomings, the city of me making stuff, making things happen. I want to be different here, I want to do different things, I want to be the me I always wanted to be but for some reason couldn’t.

This blog might not be the most useful for you but maybe it will. Maybe my story of a new beginning, moving to another country to start living my dreams fully will inspire you to think more about your beginnings, will inspire you to take actions and today, this Monday, this week start living the life you’ve always wanted to live.

One thought at a time. One word. One conversation at a time.

One look. One meeting. One new adventure. One new place.

One healthy habit. One healthy food.

One project no matter how tiny. One idea. One hobby.

One sentence. One blog post. One line of poetry.

One photograph. One stroke of brush. One drop of paint.

One note. One verse of music.

One move. One step. One dance.

I truly believe it’s time for all of us to step into our greatness and start courageously live the lives we were meant to live being ourselves unapologetically and fully.

We are all rebels. Status quo is not what humans are meant for. None of us are meant for mediocrity. It’s time to defy yours.

Daily Health Today.

Daily Choice to Healthy You.

Get weird. Be unique. Live YOUR life. Today.

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