Habit society.

Wins the one who builds one.

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Habit society. Wins the one who builds one.

I haven’t achieved much in my life yet.

Achievement like success is a relative concept. For someone, who is obese, simply dropping a couple of sizes and getting somewhat healthy is a huge success. For someone like me, not seeing my 6 pack daily, is a failure.

People say, “Just live! Why do you need achieving? Setting goals, trying to make something happen, changing yourself and your life, growing, helping others and hopefully making the world a bit better?”

Isn’t reaching for something more than we already are natural for everything on this planet?

A plant reaches for the Sun, hoping to grow a bit more today.

An animal is grows bigger, wiser, more skilled to survive better, to fit better, to dominate possibly.

Technology is gets faster, better, smarter.

Why should people be any different?

If we are not reaching for something, if we are not growing — we are dying.

People who lose a sense of purpose, who lose meaning and reason to live die faster, regardless of any other factors.

Drive to live, to grow, to get better, to become something we are not — that’s as natural as waking up in the morning to live another day.

What is success for me?

It’s becoming who I’m not. Somehow better, wiser, stronger, to contribute to the evolution of everything that is driven by … nobody really knows by what. Everything on this planet is wired to evolve. It’s life.

What is one thing that is necessary to succeed in absolutely anything?

Habits. Behaviors that contribute to the result we want to achieve.

Who drives our society? Who makes the world go round? Who makes the biggest difference?

People who learn. People who adapt. People who do things to build success daily.

People with habits. The right kind of habits.

What destroys our life the most? What gets us into trouble the most? What stops us from succeeding and achieving the most?

Habits we practice. The wrong kind of habits.

Brain scientist say it takes about 66 days to build a true habit, a behavior that becomes automatic — brain does it without thinking.

Maybe it’s 66 days. Maybe it’s more. Maybe it’s less. I guess that depends on the habit, on the person, on the environment. But it does take time — to build a habit.

Habits show what we are serious about, what we are committed to, what is important to us.

“Are you committed or interested?”

Habits is the answer.

The biggest growth and change happens when we consciously decide to create a habit that moves us in the desired direction.

“Are you committed or interested?”

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