Happiness. Introvert Edition.

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A happy introvert lives in a world where everything is inverted, where everything is upside-down.

Not by choice. By design.

I used to wake up at 5 AM to get more space, undisturbed time with myself, time to think about the world and life, time to create, to reflect, while the chatter of the world is still almost non-existent. I started creating more, I started accepting myself for who I am more — the person that needs lots of space and time alone, a company of a few like myself.

I started getting up earlier: 4, 3, 2. It feels right.

Wake up at 2. Do most of the work that matters: writing, art, research, coming up with ideas — all done before 10–11 AM. Then do the unimportant: emails, routines, taking care of the mundane, appointments, meetings, training, shopping, life/body/mind support system.

Social life happens at that time.

Go to the beach. Have naps.

Walk a lot. Watch the world. Watch the people. Listen. Talk. Listen more.

9 Pm — time to shut down. Time to meditate. Reflect. Think about the day. Journal. Go to bed. Geek out about things.

For the rest of the world LIFE often begins around 8–9 PM. I sleep at the time. Not because I mind other people. I love people a lot. I can’t live without people. I want to serve the world and people the best I can. Somehow that means not spending much time interacting with the world. With people. Observing more.

An Introvert — a janitor that needs to be up, when everyone is asleep, to clean the streets uninterrupted.

The ideal lifestyle for any introvert is the one, with least interactions possible. We love to get connected…where and when we choose. It doesn’t happen often.

We need the world! Just not too much of it. Not all at once. In our face. Not for too long.

We choose to do things, when most are done with “doing stuff”. That’s when it feels the best. That’s when we can enjoy ourselves.


Better have weekends during the week.


4–5 am — perfect time for grocery shopping. No lines is a definite bonus.

Gym, Fitness, Movement.

Why aren’t gyms open 24 hours?

Working hours.

Self-designed schedule or self-employment, work from home are the best options.

Why aren’t there more options for designing our own schedule in companies and organizations?

Why aren’t there more options of designing our own working space for maximum productivity?

Best vacation times. Best vacation destinations.

Places where no one has gone before ideally. Or at least not when we go there.

Best eating out/going out spots.

The ones with the least people. Preferably with the view and wait stuff, that checks on you from time to time. Not too often.

Best places to live.

Where we don’t see many people on a regular basis but have the option to do so from time to time. Not too often.

Best living spaces.

The ones with LOTS of space. The ones with little stuff.


Best experiences. Food, music, art, events.

The ones that don’t overwhelm our senses. Not too much. Not all at once. Details. Subtleties. We get enough from very little.

Quality over Quantity. Always.

We don’t need much but we need the best. We can’t stand lots of crap.

Relationships. Romantic and otherwise.

Few but deep, fulfilling. Quality. Always.

P. S. We don’t NEED anyone. In fact, we don’t NEED YOU. BUT, we’d like you to stay. We like your company. We appreciate deep and genuine, honest, heart-opened connections, if you are ready for them.


We hate superficial stuff. Unnecessary formalities. Small talks.

We love deep stuff. Conversations that touch your soul. Mind-boggling subjects. Disturbing controversial questions. Life. Meaning. Purpose of all this.

We don’t need you to be like us. In fact, we love to be around different people, we love variety, we respect you and love you for EXACTLY who you are. We expect the same from you.

Work. Service. Contribution.

We like to be heard. We like to serve. To contribute. We love to be in the spotlight, when we choose to be.

We hate obligations. We hate doing things that don’t make sense. We hate inefficiency. We hate being told what to do and how to do it. Staying in the spotlight beyond our boiling point can turn us into stressed haters, complainers and worse.

We are hard workers, given the right conditions. We get things done, given the right conditions. Working with others, we need “our” task and space to do it, time to do it our own way. We appreciate the input, corrections. We are free thinkers. If you want your plan to be done your way — we are not the people to turn to. You got to tell us what to do, which things to avoid on the way, give us space and time to do the work. Leave us alone. Give us space. Time.

The world is not designed for introverts. We are not the majority. It makes sense.

Would be nice to see more options though. To be acknowledged. To be accepted. The way we are. Without a label “weird, different”, that has a negative feeling attached to it far too often.

Just a bit of flexibility. It’s all we need. We are doing pretty good already, adjusting the world to suit us better, choosing our own lifestyle. We are creative and inventive.

Space, time. It’s a requirement for us. The rest of the world could use more of it too.

Happiness. Introvert Edition.

We NEED — Space. Time.

To GIVE. Everything…

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