Have a motivated, focused morning EVERY DAY!

Let’s put YOU in the driver’s seat of your motivation and focus, shall we? Or do you want to keep hoping it’ll magically change one day for one mysterious reason?

Tony Robbins’ stuff finally clicked for me when I got into coaching and neuroscience. All that talk about the change of state that Tony does. “Change your state — change your life.”

What does it even mean? Change your state?

It means when you don’t feel like it — you make yourself feel like it through intentional actions, routines, and habits. And then you go and have a powerful day, that shapes the course of your life in the desired, extraordinary direction.

How do you do that?


We are SO good at doing things when we are motivated, when we are full of energy, when it seems like life itself is flowing through us. We are so good at following through on our resolutions then, aren’t we? It feels like we can conquer the world, doesn’t it? And we wanna do it all! And our days feel so productive!

But it doesn’t happen all that often to most of us.

It definitely didn’t happen to me all that often for most years of my life. It was on and off. My life went in circles.

When it was ON, I’d put a lot of effort into work, into business, studying, into starting projects, reaching out to people, doing sales calls, and initiating first contact at work and in my personal life.

And when it was OFF, everything was kind of BLAH, and all I wanted to do is to watch TV, go through the motions, stay in my comfortable “shell”, not doing much of anything.

But that’s not how we get above-average results. It’s just not.

I canceled so many things and missed out on so many opportunities because I didn’t feel like it, like my most powerful, confident self on so many days. I stayed comfortable. I stayed passive. Life went on. Without me.


Feeling like doing a lot, your motivation, and focused, purposeful actions depend on very specific brain chemistry. That’s what your brain often misses in depression — dopamine and norepinephrine got to be on point. (Neurotransmitters of motivation and zest for life, focused, purposeful action).

You screw them up by:

As a result, among other things, your base dopamine levels fall, which means less motivation and a harder time focusing, and getting anything done — hello procrastination!

Not a powerful Monday morning you were hoping for, is it?

FOCUSED MOTIVATION FORMULA (Neuroscience of habits of a motivated brain)

What do you do to fix your motivation and focus levels?

You screwed it up and now you aren’t feeling like it. Like anything really.

What do you do?

If consistently high levels of motivation and focus are something important to you — here’s your new routine for the morning. (These are the conditions needed to optimize higher base levels of dopamine)


When you really need to be your most confident, powerful self to blow the world away with your awesomenaciosness:

  • ✳️Cold shower for as long as you can tolerate without self-damage;
  • ✳️Hyperventilation breathing (I demonstrate it here);
  • ✳️Breakfast: eat your protein, 180–200g of chicken, turkey, beef, pork, salmon, lots of Greek yogurt, lots of eggs (your dopamine is made of protein);
  • ✳️Caffeine? 90 minutes after waking or later. Go for the smallest cup or a shot of espresso. A piece of dark chocolate works even better.

We did the “Have a Powerful Morning Every Day” workshop last Monday with Digital Nomads Daily, where we talked a lot about the routine in more detail. After it, many participants, having tried it, realized how much more control they had over how their mornings and days went! Whether you wake up feeling like it or not.

You know, professionals, people on the top of their game (I was lucky to work with quite a few as a coach) — they never ask if they feel like it. They make sure to show up powerfully when it’s “go time”, regardless of their feelings. They get up, work out, get out there — they set up the routine, that starts their motivation brain chemistry going on ANY day and morning when it matters.

That’s how you build a powerful life. One powerful morning at a time.


*Only for committed to excellence.




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Angela Shurina

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