Health 101 from my friend who smokes, loves his bread and chocolate, and doesn’t exercise.

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I have a friend in New York.

He is in construction business. His company constructs small residential buildings.

He is in his 40s with energy, body and mind of a 20-year old. Healthy 20-year old.

He looks like he might very well live till 100 or more.

He smokes.

He eats sweets every day.

He loves his bread, chocolate and cookies.

He loves his coffee.

He doesn’t work out.

You’d think he might be sick. Or low on energy. Or fat. Or something bad MUST be going on there, right?

He doesn’t seem to follow any of health “MUST-DOS”.

He is very smart.

Besides knowing a lot about his business, he knows more than me (when does he learn all this stuff?) about physics, evolution, history, technology and philosophy. His mind is very bright and clear. His thinking process is as sharp as a knife of the best sushi chef.


“I love my vegetables and salads! I can’t live a day without a huge bowl of vegetables!”

“I eat what I want when I get hungry. Usually once a day after work. Sometimes I forget to eat if I’m too busy working on a project.”

“I love my sweets — chocolate cookies and chocolate. I love ice-cream. And I can’t live without fresh bread! I eat a little here and there. Most of my food is vegetables, and, of course, real good “man’s” food — good steak and fish.”

Exercise program.

“I don’t train much. I don’t have time for it. Or desire. I love playing games like volleyball and basketball with my buddies after work”

I can tell you also, he moves a lot — he walks talking on the phone around apartment and at work, he walks and trains his huge 150-pound plus Italian Mastiffs, he goes to construction sites often, meetings, he does his shopping walking, he meets up with his friends often — unless he is resting or working at his computer he is moving around all the time.

Well-Being/Holistic Health.

He loves his work.

He has lots of friends and builds relationships with trust, honesty and respect.

He doesn’t work or spends any time with people he doesn’t like.

He does what’s important for him in his life.

He treats people with amazing respect and honesty. Clarity.

He has fun and smiles often.

He learns all the time. He reads tons.

He thinks and never takes anyone’s BS.

He works on a bigger picture of his life, not some unimportant details, like following a diet or structured exercise program for no reason.

I learned a lot from him.

I think you can too.

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


And here is an extra Bite of Health.

Some nutritious-delicious stuff I found.New kind of delicious almonds — nature is such an amazing chef! I love my nuts! I wonder how many more varieties are there to discover?


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Feeling low on energy? Dizzy? Make sure you get enough electrolytes! AND! THEY don’t need to be in a sugary water/energy drinks. Water, electrolytes, rest — and you’ll feel amazing and ready for ANY workout or life/work challenge.

Many people underestimate the importance of electrolytes in their diet — I was one of them. Once I started getting in enough electrolytes — I forgot what fatigue and tired is during my workouts and in daily life.


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