Hey there Sebastian!

Actually, my “dinner” time right now, seems to vary, but it’s definitely not late according to most people’s standards. I eat one major meal a day and since I’m a super early riser, 4 AM (and go to bed often before 9PM), I eat no later than 5 PM, and these days since I have to train clients at night I tend to eat by 3 or 4 PM to be ready to go by 5 PM. After that meal I don’t have anything till about 9–10 AM when I consume a keto protein shake, coffee, zero sugar 100% chocolate after my major workout of the day.

The most important thing I believe, is to have long periods of time without food, 12 hours at least with nothing but water and maybe tea and coffee, non-caloric electrolytes, or longer, and then consume most of your food around exercise time whenever that happens — that’s when our body uses the fuels and nutrients in the most beneficial way for health, strength and overall fitness, fatloss and muscle building.

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