Hi Aram!

Thank you for the kind comment and reply! I’d love to help since I’m such a fan of high fat diet and been doing it/studying for a few years now, experimenting.

How long have you been doing keto consistently? Are you on and off or in ketosis all the time? Have you checked your ketones levels?

Also I’d love to see you food diary — what you are eating, amount, when, you can send it to my email angela at createyourself.today.

I work out in the gym with weights about 5 times a week, the rest is yoga and HIIT. I do HIIT also almost every day now, either as sprints, stairs sprints or whole body movements. I grew a lot of muscle on ketogenic diet and now actually trying to reduce the volume and not go as heavy and intense not to grow bigger.

Most of the days my energy levels are high but sometimes not — then I do lighter days.

Also the body goes through cycles of growth and recovery. If you work out heavy and intense all the time — you will hit down time at some point when you will only have energy for light exercise.

Another thing is recovery. Do you recover/sleep enough for your workouts? How are your stress levels?

What about your electrolytes? Do you supplement with magnesium, potassium, calcium? Are you consuming enough sodium? — Electrolytes make a huge difference in performance. If you lack them, you will not perform well, not even close. You cells are batteries, electrolytes drive energy production and electric currents accross membranes. If you lack electrolytes and on ketogenic diet you are at a higher risk to lack them — you will feel tired all the time and will have problems with blood pressure (too low most often)

Hope this helps! :)

And as I said — you can send me your food diary for better analysis, including liquids and all the supplements you take.

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