Hi :) I don’t consume any grains — besides carbs, that I’m not afraid of :) they are just nutritionally poor, if you compare the amount of nutrients per calorie and compare that to non-starchy veggies. There is literally NOTHING that grains provide that yo can’t get from veggies and fatty protein — but you get the benefit of low carbohydrate consumption and all the positive effects associated with that. Do you ever wonder why KETO not longevity diet is used to treat lets say epilepsy, ADHD, depression etc? Why our bodies start healing itself on well-done keto? There are answers to that by the way.

Fats, our body has the requirements for essential fats, there are NO essential carbohydrates, except fiber I’d say — that tells me a lot about our bodies needs.

We are much better at storing fats VS carbs for energy — that also tells me smth.

100 carbs is still considered on a lower end of carbs consumption, especially with all the fiber and if you are active like most centanarians are AND especially if you think about the fact that most centanarians consume little to no processed food carbs.

100 carbs = 400 cal, 100 fat = 900 calories — you are still getting most energy (+protein) from non-carbs food sources. So it’s not really high carb high fat — that what studies show is a definite disaster.

Not sure if I answered your question Claudia. And I do NOT claim to know all the answers. Nobody knows everything about our body and metabolism still, not even close. That’s just what I believe based on all my experience, personal and working with people, based on all different literature and latest research.

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