How my friend Charlie, developer, game designer, stopped being hungry.

Is there a better diet? Yes! It has no name, has nothing to do with calories or carbs, and it’s complicated.

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“If you focus on health, your weight will take care of itself”

My favorite quote from the book.

  • Feeling hungry more;
  • Absorbing more calories from food;
  • And usually getting fatter and/or sicker.

Because we can’t bullshit nature!

We can’t fortify with vitamins crappy sugary-fatty foods, put a “healthy” label on, expecting that this is now as good as whole foods.

I don’t believe in diets — I believe in science, however imperfect.

I analyze data — people’s food journals, blood work, gut microbiome analysis, metabolic health — and then I create a solution, that have the best chances to succeed based on what we know as nutrition scientists — the kinds of foods, that work the best in a human body, delivering ALL the nutrients we know human body needs.

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