How to ditch calories and live without them. How to food shop for health and 6 pack.

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Daily Health Today. Daily Step to Healthy You.

Buy ONLY planet-made food. NOT crap in a bag.

Whatever once was growing or running/swimming/flying. Nothing added.

I was sitting in a nail saloon having my nails done.

Having my nails done is always an opportunity for a field research for me.

Tatyana, the girl who does my nails, is struggling with weight and health issues.

When she found out, what I do — health and weight loss, healthy lifestyle, healthy food, diets became the topic of most of our chats. She wants to know, how to get healthy and lose weight. More how to lose weight though. I always love to share what I know, I love helping and being useful, plus, there is always something I learn, new questions I don’t have answers to.

As many of us, women especially, Tatyana is mostly concerned with her weight, the way she looks, not so much with health issues. She is still young, health doesn’t cause her too much trouble, young body is still capable of dealing with most pains, so the look factor is the number one priority.

Tatyana asked for my advice. And of course, the first thing she wanted to know — what diet to follow, diet that guarantees results fast, no matter the cost, no matter the suffering, no matter what happens after and how long the results stick.

She asked me about my calories intake and diet, and before I even opened my mouth, she told me, that her problem was — she couldn’t eat 4–6 times a day, she liked to eat late, after work, when she was at home and could relax. And also she never could stick to any diet she tried. She would end up hungry and cranky, and with the same amount of weight at the end, or more, because each time the diet failed she ended up binging on all the foods she was missing.

Familiar situation?

It was quite a surprise for her to find out, that I eat once a day, 1–2 hours before bed, that I love big meals and even though I know calorie content of many foods (lifelong practice), all I know about my calorie consumption these days — it’s under 3000, most of the days.

What else?

She was very surprised to learn, I eat fat, a lot of it in fact, I eat fatty fish, nuts, everything with skin and organs, full fat fermented dairy, eggs with yolks.

Her eyes opened wide, when I told her, that in one meal I could eat half a kilo of veggies, half a kilo of fish and a few eggs with yolks. Or half a kilo of tvorog (Russian fermented cottage cheese type of thing) with full fat sour cream and maybe 2–3 eggs with it.

And what else? I eat about 30–50 g of chocolate daily (zero sugar, of course, and fully dark).

But then I told her “the secret” — I almost never eat anything processed, I don’t eat sugar in any form, baked stuff, pasta, only whole foods made by nature — she said she probably couldn’t do that, she loved her bread and pasta!

And just a moment before that, she was ready to go on some crazy 1000 cal diet and basically starve to lose a few kilos for a few weeks or months…just to get it all back soon after, plus a bit more probably…plus some more health issues…

Tatyana hopes, of course, as many of us, that the results will stick and this time it will be different, even though deep down she knows, it’s not gonna work, just like all the other countless times.

Girls, guys — calories should be the least of your concerns, when it comes to weight loss and health!

We lived in great shape, not knowing what a calorie was, for thousands of years.

Shouldn’t it?

It should. And yet, it is not so.


Because, when we didn’t know, what we know now about our food, we relied on our experience and what felt right, on our intuition, gut feeling and the knowledge, traditions, that our ancestors accumulated for us.

Plus we didn’t have all the crap food-like products to stuff ourselves with out of boredom most often. — Been there. Did that.

You know, sometimes, thousands of years of experience and intuition, is better, than the best nutrition theories.

The planet, nature has much more experience providing food for us, giving us the best to nourish us.

Maybe this time technology is NOT better. Progress is NOT better. Not just yet at least.

Now. We got to get back to basics. We got to eat planet-made foods. We got to shop accordingly.

So what is the Daily Step to Healthy You today?

Shopping practice!

Go grocery shopping!

Here, I drew a little map for you, that you can print out and take with you.

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Here is something else you might find useful.

My short illustrated eating manual “How to Eat Like a Human Animal”

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And 5-minute video from Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

“When we go into a stress state, we get confused. We will confuse life hunger for food hunger.

Now, we eat food when we really hunger for experience.

… When we don’t have a big enough appetite for life, we collapse it into an appetite for food.

… So be willing to hunger for everything, because when you hunger for everything and you allow that to happen, all the food challenges begin to take care of themselves in a natural way.”

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