How to move.

For healthy body maintenance. For YOUR goals.

Angela Shurina
5 min readFeb 9, 2017


A lot of people, I used to be like that, have no idea why they move the way they do.

Is it for health? For fitness? To lose weight? To look good? All of it? Is it the right way to do it? Am I hurting myself suffering purposelessly?

What is enough, when it comes to movement to stay healthy?

Or how to move to stay fit and energy-ful?

Or how to achieve fitness and body transformation goals doing the least work enjoying it?

Because I started training at a very early age — my father worked as a physical training teacher, and is always VERY active . At home, when I was growing up, there was a rule — you come home after classes, you train, good weather for outdoor sports? — you ski, play tennis or rollerblade — go and move. I didn’t think it was anything special back then. I thought everyone was doing that, or meditating and practicing headstands as my father does. Our kids’ room (with my older sister) was turned into a mini gym.

Anyway, I’ve been always active, as long as I can remember myself.

Because of that, I never thought much about movement, I just did it.

I never thought much about it, till after my motorbike accident 3 years ago, when I couldn’t walk and had to stop all the training and work up all the progress back from basically zero (Not quite, but I couldn’t walk up the hill without losing by breath, fast walking on flat ground would make me breathe very heavily, squats with my body weight would make me dizzy, and I couldn’t shoulder press more than 1 kg), I never thought till then about why I move and train the way I do. What’s the purpose? Do I like what I do? (Like running 10 K and more daily). Do I like working out at the gym? (That I’ve been doing since 12 or 13). Does it bring me joy? Health? What’s the purpose? Is it just a habit? Maybe it’s time to change? To stop?

Only now I got my answers.

There are 3 purposes one can train for, move for.


For health — energy, disease/medications-free joy-ful life.

Our body is a biological machine, that needs movement for optimal functioning.

Just like your car or hard drive, your body needs check-ups and maintenance procedures.


For joy — as a hobby, as a fun activity, that brings joy to your spirit AND body, through the release of pleasure hormones, easier removal, flash-out of toxins, stimulation of all body systems.

I personally a movement addict. Don’t feed me — let me MOVE! I don’t move — I get depressed very fast and lose interest in everything.

I love dancing, skiing, playing tennis, ping-pong, roller-blading, bowling, weights, yoga, gymnastics — anything that makes me move — I love it! AND don’t make me sit in place for long — my mood, energy, good intentions and vibes, motivation — all goes down proportionally to the time I have to sit.


For a goal — fitness, body transformation, competition, race, money.

If there is a goal you want to get after, a goal that excites your mind and spirit, even though it’s not fun all the time — go for it. Just make sure you are doing the right kind of training instead of making yourself miserable with no desired results.

The only kind of movement/training you HAVE TO DO as a human animal who wants to stay healthy?

You guessed it right — moving for health. The rest is up to you. Do it or not.

I won’t cover here training for a purpose — there are too many goals and purposes and I’m not qualified to cover all of them (Nor is it possible for one person to know it all. Go to a pro for YOUR particular goal. My pro area? Health, vitality, energy and lean proportionally developed beautiful physique for life. I’m a healthy-body sculptor).

Movement/training for health.

The one you HAVE TO DO. Get over your objections.

It’s actually pretty easy and simple. Even your dog knows how to do it. Your kids know how to do it — that’s why they are so freaking active all the time.

I’m gonna put it into a system for your conscious brain to understand and work with it efficiently.


For energy and disease/medications-free joy-ful life.

Very simple.

Based on cutting edge research from NASA scientists and my personal observations of and learnings from the healthiest, most vibrant and longest-living humans on Earth, non-pro athletes.

Change your position in regards to gravity every 30 minutes.


If you stand, work standing, have a stand-up job — sit down, squat, walk, do a couple of stretches, run an errand, go grab a glass of water every 30 minutes. Do something similar for a couple of minutes.

If you sit — stand up, stretch, walk, go do something, talk to someone, drink some water, look out of the window, make a call walking. Whatever. Just move. Every 30 minutes.

The most stimulation and benefit you get from squatting and a couple of stretches, from walking.

That’s it.


Do it.

It’s a healthy body maintenance.

Why don’t they teach that at school?

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health




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