How to Win the Game of Weight Loss aka How to Become an “Ultimate Fat Crusher”.

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It’s become my night practice.

Every night before falling asleep I ask myself some important question I’m not sure how to approach.

And usually next morning or during the day there will be an answer delivered to me some way. I see something, a friend recommends to read or watch something, a random person can make a suggestion, or say something, that will trigger A-HA moment in my brain and will give my brain a direction leading to the answer or to an idea how to find the answer. It’s not magic. It’s scientific, based on research. Basically, before falling asleep I give my brain a task to work on using all the resources available, while I sleep and don’t require my brain power to keep me out of trouble.

Last night I asked myself,

“How can we make healthy lifestyle, weight loss more appealing? More compelling? More exciting and fun? How can we transform health/weight loss challenges into something we look forward to?”

A friend of mine mentioned this Ted Talk — I didn’t ask him for anything, he just thought it would be a good idea for me to watch it:

The game that can give you 10 extra years of life

Another friend mentioned a fun book, that helped him overcome depression, he thought I need to read it, as I’m into “all that personal development, positive psychology stuff”.

SuperBetter: A Revolutionary Approach to Getting Stronger, Happier, Braver and More Resilient

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Then I was checking out one of my favorite FB pages, Tim Ferriss’, and guess what I found there? Link to a podcast episode with the same Jane McGonigal, the woman in the video and the author of the book.

Jane McGonigal on Getting More Done with Less Stress and The Health Benefits of Gaming

And that all happened on the same day. I figured, I had to check all that out. And so I did. Watched the video. Listened to the podcast. Got the book, that is my reading for today. Will blog about it tomorrow.

So what’s in it for you?

I’d definitely recommend listening to the podcast, checking out the video, if the book is too much for you now.

Do you like playing games?

I know, if you are an adult, you probably put playing games on the list of activities to be avoided, as it is labeled a time waster in our society. And it can be…Or it can be a life-changing approach that helps you to reach your goals (to lose weight for example) in a fun engaging way.

There is a whole movement and research behind it, talking about the ways actual games can help us to fight depression, build social connections, fight cravings for sugar and lose weight, recover from physical traumas — Tim and Jane talk about all of it and about more fascinating ways games can improve our life, well-being and happiness.

And I do think in the future games would be THE way to learn skills, get knowledge and master our life.

Life is after all — an ultimate game. Reward is Happiness. Failure is Death.

I want you to think about your life, health and weight loss in a different way to help you achieve the goals you have.

What if you started living your life like a game?

What if you transformed your weight loss mission into a game?

What if you started treating your weight loss as a game with tasks, rewards, challenges and avatar that plays the game — basically you but the “improved you, you with superpowers to crush the ultimate villain, THE FAT”?

Hear me out.

Let’s say you set a goal — crush x amount of pounds of fat. — This is your game mission.

There are activities required to reach the goal: making a choice between healthy and unhealthy meals, doing some fitness activity, studying some nutrition to assist your mission, building a supportive team, “converting” unhealthy friends-“enemies” into “weight loss buddies” to get more points together.

Then you create a game/mission log. For every activity scheduled you assign points, and for a number of points you assign a reward (It is important not to assign counterproductive rewards for successful mission). Rewards like getting a piece of clothing, or some tech toy, or a trip somewhere — whatever works for you, whatever excites you the most.

And then each day you wake up and look at the game tasks, missions for the day.

Today’s mission: gather 3 healthy meals, attending zumba playground, talking to boyfriend/girlfriend about benefits of healthy lifestyle for sex life and relationship, bonus for learning to cook a healthy version of your favorite dessert. Rewards (besides all the good mood, energy and vitality): this gorgeous scarf I wanted but didn’t allow myself to get, or a fun night out at the bowling center with buddies or whatever makes you feel good, whatever enhances your life physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

At the end of the day write down your points.

Acknowledge your gains.

Maybe you get to get to another level for certain amount of points?

Maybe your fun character gains more experience and becomes a weight loss warrior? Fat Super Burner?

Don’t think about yourself playing the game. Think about your avatar on a mission.

Imagine you are playing a Fat Crusher game — use your imagination, use the words that fire you up getting all ready for a mission!

You have a big exciting mission and daily tasks.

Points and rewards.



And a HUGE prize waiting at the end.

Today is a new day.

You are up.

Ready to play?

What’s your mission today?

What are the tasks?

What are the rewards?

What are the ways to succeed? And beat all the monsters? Those nasty sugar filled treats trying to defeat you and sabotage your mission?

What’s your battle plan?

Get out of bed and CRUSH it!

Collect your points. Overachieve and collect more points than planned.

Reward yourself!!! (Very Important!!!)

Share the game.

Invite supportive teammates to the playground — fitness class, gym, healthy kitchen.

Explore new lands of health food stores. Find out what super foods you can get for super points, that you can exchange for more rewards.

Have fun with it!

You are changing your life becoming the fittest, healthiest, sexiest radiant superwoman or superman.

Get excited! Smile when you think of a fun journey ahead.

Just today. Just getting better. Just playing a fun Fat Crusher game.

Your mission for today?

Come up with a game — name, rules, point system, rewards, challenges, goals, missions, dates.

Create an avatar, image of yourself that will play the game. You can draw it or find some image online to represents it. Some cool superhero you always wanted to be.

Write down everything in a special mission log — goals, duration, daily tasks and missions, bonuses, activities and rewards — everything.

Share it — playing together is always more fun.

Start playing!

You are on a mission! — Crush it!


Rewards are waiting for you!

And…Have FUN!!! Lots of it!!!

PS. For me gym and fitness classes are never a workout, I call it playtime, maybe that’s why I enjoy it so much. What am I playing today? What the gym mission for today? That’s what I think about getting ready to go to the gym, my playground.

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