How you genes CAN actually make you fat, sick and old.

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You probably heard from some people that they are sick or fat etc. because they have “bad” genes.

There are no “bad” or “good” genes. Some genes are just not designed for a particular environment.

So when somebody says they have “fat” genes, it does not mean their genes make them fat on purpose, no matter what they do, it means they, the people, chose lifestyle that triggers particular genes to react a certain way making them fatter and sicker.

Personal example: I start eating too many carbohydrates, especially processed ones, I blow up like a balloon in a day. I eat low carb high fat, no matter how many calories, I stay lean like a fitness model!

What does THAT mean for YOU exactly?

No matter what kind of genes you have you can always change how you look and feel by changing your environment — your lifestyle, your diet, your behavior.

You can make your genes work FOR you. Or you can work against them and get sick and fat, and yes, nearly dead.

It’s your choice.

I read this fascinating book some time ago that I wanted to share with you.

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The way I decided to do that — video reviews with major points written down.

I’ll be doing the review of this book for 2–3 weeks each Friday, because the book has some good solid scientific information that you can use to improve your health by changing your lifestyle according to your genetics. The book got me really exciting about genetics applied to nutrition! Knowing your genes can really have a profound effect on your health if you act on it!

Few main points from the book for today.

Carbohydrate tolerance.

Yes, a person can not only be lactose (milk sugar) or gluten (protein in wheat and some other grains) intolerant, but your genes actually define your tolerance for carbohydrates.


There is a gene AMY1, that makes your body produce more or less amylase, an enzyme (in your saliva) that makes your body better at processing carbohydrates. The more copies of AMY1 you have, the more carbs you can eat! The less of it — the less carbs you can eat.

(Processed sugar is still bad for everyone, although some people will have less negative effects than others)

I’m very low on carb tolerance scale, and that’s why I eat 20–30 g of carbohydrates to feel my best.

You might be completely different.

How to find out your carb tolerance?

Cracker Test (unsalted plain wheat cracker or a piece of raw potato).

Get a timer and a cracker or a potato.

Start the timer. Start chewing.

Notice when the taste starts to change.

0–14 sec: high carb tolerance

15–30 sec: moderate

30 or more: low.

The higher the tolerance the more carbohydrates you can afford.

Experiment to find out the best amount: track energy and fitness levels, weight, amount of sleep you need, how your digestion is, feeling after each meal (A meal should leave you energized, not sleepy).

Always stay with whole carbohydrate sources: vegetables and fruits, whole grains like quinoa, buckwheat, wild rice, oats.

Always choose the best quality.

Milk and Gluten. Stop eating soap.

Few points here.

You might be indeed lactose (milk sugar) or gluten intolerant or sensitive and not able or able poorly to digest those substances and products containing them — milk and grain products. Or you might be sensitive to some substance, that has many names on the label, EMULSIFIER, that is basically soap like stuff, that makes shelf life longer, AND disturbs your gut microbiome, AND destroys protective layers of your stomach, intestines and other mucus covered tissues (that might be the reason for your mouth sores). That all increases inflammation, triggers your immune system against you etc.

Plus 2/3 of the adult world is in fact not able to process lactose due to certain gene being turned off (like in a lot of mammals) because grown-ups are not supposed to consume milk after childhood. In 1/3 of adults that gene is on (due to ancestors that consumed milk) but that doesn’t protect them from all the soap and consequences it causes.

To know if you are gluten sensitive or intolerant you need to do lab tests and most probably you are not. But you are sensitive to poor quality ingredients, in particular, emulsifiers, that come with poor quality baked products.


Even easier.

Find some good quality organic milk. Drink it on an empty stomach or a few hours after your meal. See how your body reacts. Gas? Bloating? Diarrhea? Yup, milk is not your food.


Are there really fat or sick genes?


You must match your lifestyle and food choices to create the best gene expression for optimal health, vitality, maximum energy and perfect lean fit body, youthfulness.

Make your genes work for you. Make smarter choices.

To be continued next Friday.

Why too much meat can mean rusting to death, your earwax and alcohol tolerance and so much more!

Stay tuned!

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health



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