I believe everyone has an opinion based on THEIR best evidence, best thinking, and lessons and experience — you can not know (neither can I) ALL the evidence that Pr Longo based his book on, we are not him and we do not know all the data he decided to take into consideration.

There is definitely truth and overall better opinion — but usually that comes somewhere in the middle of everyone’s opinions.

Nobody knows it all but it is important to HAVE a definite opinion and express/explain it to others so other people can come in, make their argument, express their very often different opinion — that’s how dialogue opens, that’s how we humans, as a society get better and make progress — the stronger the opinion, the more opinionated the person is — the more arguments it will create and the more chances there are to find a better truth. VS when somebody has half-and-half opinion never standing for anything really — that never moves progress anywhere!

We need more opinions, more debates, more dialogue to get better.

That being said, of course, we also need to understand that we can be wrong too. Our opinion is not THE ONLY one and we need to be open to learn, to accept our mistakes, to learn from others, to be open to change our opinion in the face of good enough evidence.

It’s a hard to balance, to be all that — but that’s, in my opinion :), the only way to truly understand something fully or as close to that as possible!

Let people write books, express their point of view, argue… — the more passionate the better, the faster we will progress, humanity as whole!

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