I Don’t Know. And That’s OK.

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I don’t know, how this post will end. What the last word will be.

I don’t know, how long it’s going to be.

I don’t know, if anyone, except me, ever reads it. Will think, it’s any good.

I don’t know, if I ever become a well-known author, good enough to be loved and appreciated by many.

I don’t know, if my art ever gives any value to anyone besides me.

I don’t know, where I’m gonna be in 3 months, half a year, a year. Leave alone 5 or 10 years. Long term plans don’t make any sense to me.

I don’t know, if I ever make any contribution to the world I live in. Something that will be considered significant.

I don’t really know, if my life has any meaning or is supposed to have any meaning.

I don’t know, what I’ll be doing this weekend, OR will I survive that long at all. Not being negative. Just looking at all the possible outcomes.

I don’t know, what my best book is going to be about or my life work.

I don’t know, when will be the best year or day of my life. Or the last one.

I don’t know, if I ever meet the one, and if I do, for how long they will be in my life.

I don’t know, how much money I’ll make next year, if any. I’d like to believe I will. Or maybe the concept of money will become obsolete?

I don’t know, if I get better at anything or get worse. I’ll work on getting better though.

I don’t know, if I go up or down in life. I don’t even know, where up or down is.

I don’t know, how the finished drawing will look like. The one I’m working on right now.

I don’t know, where I end up living in the world. Or what places I see in my lifetime.

I don’t know, if I go to space, like I always wanted to. Get to see other conscious being from other planets.

I don’t know, if I ever get to live till 932 years old, like I’ve always wanted, and get to discover the secret of extra-long life.

I don’t know, if I ever get to design that fitness wear line and healthy chocolate brand, I have on my mind. Maybe I’ll find something cooler to do.

I don’t know, if I come up with any good ideas tomorrow. Or today.

I don’t know, how I’m gonna feel tonight, even though they say we can control our feelings. Not sure I want to.

I don’t really know, who I am, or if who I want to be will make me better or happier, or what better or happier me is.

And if I knew, who I was now, I don’t know, who that person is going to change into the next moment. Not even tomorrow, but the next moment.

I don’t know, why I do most things in life, I know they feel good, when I do them. Totally wrong according to success strategies, right?

I don’t know, what I want, because I kinda like everything, that life gives me. I want many things, the whole world, I want to experience and suck in all of it. And yet I need very little to be happy. To be satisfied at the moment.

I am excited about, who I want to be, what I want the world to be, and yet I’m totally happy with what is. With what I am.

I used to think, I know myself more and more every day.

I don’t really know anymore, that knowing yourself is actually possible. The moment we say, “I am”, we defy the very nature of everything — constant change.

I don’t know, if I like you or love you forever, but I know I do now.

I used to put labels on people. I used to think, we can know the other. Know what the other is about. But we never can. Everything changes. Like the never-stopping wind in my home city. Changes direction every moment.

People say, “But you can’t live like that. How can you plan anything? How can you work on anything? How can you do anything? Accomplish anything? How can other people rely on you, if you don’t know anything?”

I didn’t say, I don’t make choices. I didn’t say, I’m not learning. I didn’t say, I don’t keep my word and promises. I just don’t make any promises, I know are not possible to keep.

When I make a choice, when I give a promise, I commit to it. I say yes to things and say no to other things, because it feels right at the moment. I give everything to my yes, and nothing to my no.

I don’t know, what the next project will be, and where my life will take me, but I do know, what I’m doing now, what I decided to dedicate my life to today.

What will come out of it? What’s the next step?

Have no idea.

I don’t know. And that’s OK.

I can’t plan my life. But I can plan now, what to do today, and where to put my energy into. And I can choose my why for right now. I CAN know now.

Next moment? Nobody can know.

Now knowing, what we accomplish in life doesn’t equal accomplishing nothing.

Having no plans, doesn’t equal doing nothing.

Not knowing, what we are, doesn’t equal standing for nothing, being passionate about nothing at the moment.

Not knowing doesn’t equal not learning.

I don’t know means, we are open to any answer, any possibility.

I don’t know means, I’m ready to receive any answer, and I’m OK with it.

I don’t know, means I’m ready to learn and accept.

I don’t know means, I’m ready to change.

I don’t know means, I’m an empty glass, ready to be filled one more time.

I don’t know means, I am Now. Here. Not yesterday or tomorrow.

I don’t know, is the best place to be, it’s the only place we can truly be in.

I don’t know, is the world around us.

I don’t know, is the reason, why anything is created.

I don’t know, is the reason why.

The drive. The energy.

I don’t know, is the reason to live. To create. To explore. To see. To feel. To taste. To try one more time.

I don’t know, is why YOU are here. Right now. Reading these words.

You just never know, do you?

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