I totally disagree! It’s like saying Paleo people promote meat or vegetables too much, they are not brand products but imagine they were. ..

If you look at the table of contents, then the only place where you find a lot of info about supplements is two last chapters: Head Strong Supplements and Beyond The Limits — and yes, there are a lot of Dave’s supplements (because he believes in them, what founder doesn’t? AND he uses them successfully, wouldn’t you want to share great products to help people? I share brain octane every chance I get, even though I get no commissions from that — because it works), and also there Dave “advertises” products and devices and courses of other companies he believes in and uses or used, what’s wrong with that? He also gives the science behind them, explains how they work and why you might want to try them.

But I want to say again, those are the last 2 smallest chapters!

The rest is science and lifestyle! And Dave says not once, that you can upgrade yourself without any of his products, by doing all the lifestyle changes that require none of his products whatsoever!

All that aside…

Coca-Cola and other junk food companies spend millions on their advertising and consumer research, making junk popular, causing obesity etc.

Shouldn’t health companies doing good meaning well do the same? To benefit the most people?

What’s so bad about it?

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