If you never used your potential, how would you know you were a Genius?

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Here is an idea…
What if anyone had a potential to become great at…anything they choose to become great at?
What if what you are now is just the result of past actions and old thinking? Old ideas and beliefs?
What if what you CAN be (potentially) is not limited by…anything? But your own decisions. Your own intentions to become something you are not. Yet.
What if the ONLY MUST of achieving greatness and becoming a Master is our own decision to be so?
The rest — it will come. Teachers, opportunities, insights, ideas, knowledge, hard work to mold us into greatness — that all will appear, like a net when we leap with belief.
Unlimited Potential for Genius.
Will you become one? You never know. Until you ARE.
“Ep. 162–7 Secrets of Mastery” — James Altucher “interviewed Dr. K Anders Ericsson. You know his work. He discovered the 10,000 hour rule.”

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