It’s all about FAT, Baby… “Eat Fat, Get Thin” by Mark Hyman, MD

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Not gonna say a lot here.

It’s exactly how it sounds.

You wanna GET THIN and STAY THIN?

And most importantly stay healthy, sexy, full of energy and vitality, with a clear sharp mind? And all that WITHOUT starving yourself, counting calories and every bite of food you put in your mouth?

Then Fat Diet is definitely for you.

It’s NOT for you, if you truly enjoy starving yourself, feeling like crap, like you are about to die, cranky all the time, no energy, no desire to live, no sex drive, wishing to see some magic number on the scales.

If you want that, heck, be my guest, continue dieting.

Fat Diet sounds more exciting, isn’t it?

The book “Eat Fat, Get Thin” by Mark Hyman, MD, just came out at the end of February, and as soon as I heard about it, (today) on Dave Asprey’s (Bulletproof Coffee) podcast with Mark Hyman,

I got it and read it right away.

It’s everything you want to know about healthy diet, where most of the calories come from FAT (50–70%). And most VOLUME comes from vegetables, since fat does not have much volume (actually fat has more than twice calories per 1 gram, 9, compared to carbohydrates and proteins that have 4 calories per 1 gram).

In the book, you’ll read about different nutrition research in comparison to each other — SAD diet, healthy plant based diet, Paleo, Pegan (Paleo + Vegan), Eat Fat — Get Thin Plan. You’ll understand, why there is so much controversy in nutrition/healthy eating world, why some say fats are good, carbs are bad, some say carbs are good, and fats are bad, how most nutrition studies are poorly designed leading to misunderstanding and confusion.

Example: Some say plant based diet with no animal products is much better for health and longevity but at the same time during research they compare good quality plant based diet with some crappy diet that includes animal products, and then we are told that any animal products are bad for us, not mentioning that diets with no animal products and no supplementation cause most people to develop life-threatening conditions (like when we don’t get enough vitamin B12 or Omega3 and 6 fatty acids, not enough cholesterol that is essential for a healthy hormone production and cell function).

All that is very eye-opening.

Mark Hyman tells us the story of fat, how fat became a bad guy and how it lead to diabesity (diabetes and obesity) epidemic, and how there is NO EVIDENCE that healthy fats that come from whole foods, polysaturated, monosaturated, saturated lead to any kind of heart/arteries problems, or inflammation, or any other diseases. It’s usually combination of wrong fats with too many wrong carbs and not enough good anti-inflammatory omega-3s in our diet.

Did you know for example that there is NO found “link between total dietary fat or saturated fat and heart disease”?

Or that

Dietary saturated fats (from butter or coconut oil) does not raise saturated fats in your blood”?

Carbohydrates — not dietary fats — turn into saturated fats in your blood, the fats that cause heart disease”?

Excess carbs stimulate your appetite and belly fat storage and slow your metabolism”?

Sugar and refined carbs — not fat — are responsible for the epidemic of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease and the increased risk of dementia and premature deaths”?


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“Dietary fat speeds up your metabolism, reduces your hunger, and stimulates fat burning.

Dietary fat helps you reduce your overall calorie intake, not increase it.

Dietary fat, and saturated fat specifically, does not cause heart disease.

Dietary saturated fat raises the good kind of LDL and raises HDL.

Diets higher in fat promote more weight loss than diet high in carbs, and they are easier to stick to.

Dietary fat reduces inflammation, risk for clotting, and all heart disease risk factors.

Dietary fat improves blood vessel health.

Dietary fat improves brain function and mood and helps prevent dementia.

Diets very high in fat and low in carbs can reverse type 2 diabetes.”

Still in doubt about fats?

I’d be too. We are so used to hear the exact opposite, that it’s hard to believe, that the whole medical community was wrong for so long. They are still very NOT eager to admit the mistakes.

But I tried it. I’ve been following the protocol for almost a year now and I feel amazing.

I never felt better actually. Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

It’s so easy to stay lean. It’s funny. People think I eat very little and do tons of cardio for my 6 pack abs. But I don’t do any of that. I do almost nothing compared to all fitness people with 6 pack.

And first time in my life I can with certainty say I have a healthy body image.

I’m not looking in the mirror to find what is wrong with my body or what looks fat. No. I’m content. At peace with my body.

I’m just enjoying being fit and healthy. Full of energy. Life. Enthusiasm.

I love it.

The book is amazing, because it has all these science, explaining, what all different kinds of fats are and where to get them from, what foods to eat. There is lots of research and real life examples — Mark has a lot of years of experience with his patients.

What’s even cooler, there is a transition plan to your new “Eat Fat, Get Thin” lifestyle. Mark explains how to prepare yourself, the kitchen. There is a 21-day starting plan, then a transition-to-lifestyle-for-life plan, then there are shopping lists and many many recipes.

It’s a not only brilliantly written book about new paradigm of healthy fat lifestyle, but it’s a full ready-to-use program. Everything you need to know about healthy HIGH FAT lifestyle is there.

Also you might be interested to learn, why calorie is not just a calorie and how pointless it is to count calories, or how we do not consume separate nutrients but whole foods, that give our body signals to change our metabolism, body composition, hormone production etc. It explains how diets high in carbs and low in fats, especially loaded with all kinds of artificial fat-free/sugar-free substitutes lead to different diseases, obesity, heart and brain problems.

So, in a few words, what “Eat Fat, Get Thin” Plan is about?

Unlimited amounts of non-starchy veggies, which should take 50–70% of your diet by volume.

Moderate amounts of nuts and seeds. (Not salted, not fried, better soaked overnight to destroy anti-nutrients and increase absorption of good nutrients)

Moderate amounts of low-glycemic fruits.

Sustainably farmed and low-mercury wild fish (sardines, mackerel, herring, wild salmon).

Grass-fed beef, bison, lamb, organic poultry.

Pasture-raised or organic eggs.

Small quantities of gluten-free grains (brown or black rice, quinoa, buckwheat).

Small quantities of beans, if tolerated.

No dairy (exception ghee and grass-fed butter).

Plenty of good fats, including avocados, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil.

Occasional sweet treats and alcohol. after you restored your health.

Coffee and tea (1–2 cups a day).


Processed foods, artificial anything, liquid sugar calories, and juices except green juices

These are the basic rules.

There are much more details in the book, troubleshooting of different problems, that usually come up at the beginning (like detox symptoms, electrolyte and sodium imbalances etc.)

There is advice about lifestyle. You know, get active, sleep and rest well, get moving, manage your stress, drink water.

Tons of recipes. A plan of remaking your kitchen and lifestyle to make the transition as painless as possible.

Great book.

I’d say, if I were to pick just one book about a healthy fat diet — that would be it.

Very well written. Totally worth a small investment of a few bucks.

Read it!

Use it!

Lose it!

It’s all about Fat, Baby…

That was main course of my “Eat Fat, Get Thin” dinner.

Plus I had some walnuts and Brazil nuts. A couple of eggs. Coconut oil.

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