It’s not that the world hasn’t changed, we just haven’t embraced the change…yet.

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I was walking back home on the streets of Rio. After my workout. Feeling good. Centered. Grounded.

Most importantly present.

It’s raining.

Beautiful warm rain.

People. Umbrellas. Trees and flowers. Colors.

It stopped raining. As it usually does.

I closed my umbrella. Continued walking.

Many people were still walking with umbrellas opened. They never noticed that the rain stopped. Or kept umbrellas opened, just in case it rains again.

People were looking at me. With my umbrella closed. Many of them closed their umbrellas. Many haven’t.


How often do we keep our umbrellas opened, just in case? In case it rains? In case something bad happens? In case something tries to hurt us?

Better be prepared, right?

The world might have changed to a sunny one. But under umbrella it’s hard to see. Hard to notice. Hard to change our attitude.

The world under umbrella still might seem…rainy, gloomy, hostile.

But maybe, just maybe, it’s time to throw away umbrellas and embrace the Sun? Maybe it’s not that bad out there anymore? Maybe the rain stopped for a while?

And maybe, just maybe, it’s time to open our heart instead of umbrellas?

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