It wasn’t perfect for ANYONE.

Learn from it. Move on. Make it better.

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It wasn’t perfect for ANYONE.

Learn from it. Move on. Make it better.

I got a message on my FB from a new friend,

“Hi, glad that you had a great 2016. For me 2016 wasn’t perfect…”,

after I made my live video this morning all cheerful and happy/excited about things that I will make happen in 2017 and grateful for all the magic that happened in 2016.

Does it mean my year was perfect?

So F*CKING far from it!

If I told about all the sh*t I had to go through, financial, relationships, career, all the times I cried and felt I could take no more, being homeless and COMPLETELY broke with nowhere to turn for help but to strangers (it was consequences of my own actions before but still) — you’d feel grateful for a lot of your “problems”. I didn’t have it the worst, it could have been worth, it always can, but I DID NOT have it all PERFECT.


I’m not going to live in that place, mentally, physically or emotionally. I choose to learn, be grateful and create different kind of experiences with better energy, better mental and emotional state, more life, more lessons learned.

After all, I do have a lot of things to be grateful for.

I moved to NYC from Siberia as I dreamed about celebrating last New Year back home.

I did go from seemingly having it all to broke and homeless to a good place, where I can start making my BIG goals and dreams happen.

I did meet Buzz Aldrin on my birthday (first man on the Moon), just like I dreamed about a month before sitting in Siberia and having no means to do that.

I did meet my heroes just like I imagined — Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin — and got as hell motivated to make my sh*t happen, and that’s exactly what I’m doing DAILY.

And there are so many other miracles that happened along the way that got me through the toughest time in my life to the place where I can see myself making my biggest dreams happen finally.

Hell yeah I had a great year! But it was NOT all roses.


Happy New Year! Happy 2017!

I know sh*t happened to you.

It doesn’t mean you have to live there from now on.

Make this New Year a different kind of year.

It’s a choice that starts from your heart and mind.

You are not a powerless plant that can’t choose your destiny.


Make a good use of it.


Are you looking for another excuse to eat more junk food and sabotage your health, weight loss, fitness goals? …Again. There always will be a reason. You know where this road goes.


Are you looking for a chance to get to your goals and dreams faster?

Before throwing it ALL out of the window this night and eating like the world gonna end tomorrow and you never get to taste another cookie again.

Go. Work out. Start the day like you are serious about your goals.

It’s just another day of the calendar…

Of course you can have fun! But you don’t need to turn into pig for that. :)

Have a beautiful day!

Recap 2016.

Feel gratitude about all the magical moments that you got to live. Think about things you could do better. Things you can try and pursue.

Make a beautiful vision for 2017.

Make a plan with action steps you do today and after.



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