John, thank you for the question. Well, it depends what your goal is. They recommend on average a man should consume around 2500 calories on an average lifestyle. But who is average? And in any case average diet is not healthy — you might actually need to eat more on a healthy diet, depending what kinds of foods you consume (fiber rich veggies and whole foo protein might take more energy to just digest and get energy from them.

You can definitely add muscles on this diet too. (Not Fasting Mimicking Protocol of course, but longevity diet),.

If you goal is to build muscles, increase and improve athletic performance and possible lose some weight. — I’d go really low carb first. I’d eat 0.7 X your body weight in pounds grams of protein (if you plan to do weight training). Calculate how many grams of protein that is. Then multiply by 4 to figure out how many calories that is. Multiply that by 2.5–3 — that would be amount of calories you need from fats. Divide /9 to figure out the grams of fats. And load on veggies the rest.

187 LB X 0.7 = 130 g of protein (I’d eat between 100 and that for you)

130 x 4 = 520 calories from protein

520 x 2 x 2= 2600 calories from fat

Basically I’d consume around 3000 calories IF you are into building muscle and training and yes, around 2500 if you want to lose weight, training, maintaining muscle.

The numbers are not exact. But you get the idea.

If you have more questions ask!

The most important things?

Quality of food!

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